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Tuesday, February 28, 2017
How to upgrade to windows 10

How to upgrade to windows 10 for free — before the free offer ends.

Are you the one thinking about the windows 10 upgrade and later felt it as the question mark? Are you the person who wants to upgrade to Windows 10 but don't know how to...
full backup of Windows 10

How to make a full backup of Windows 10 in a few minutes

Backing up of files are always important for us. It usually happens that we have a lot of important information to be stored. So to be on the safer side we always have a...
windows 10 pc into a wifi hotspot

How to turn windows 10 pc into wifi hotspot

Windows 10 can now turn your laptop or Personal computer into a wireless hotspot. It has a unique feature called “Hosted Network” this feature allows you to turn your PC into a wireless hotspot. This feature was not...
Cortana to search with google

How to force Cortana to search with google instead of Bing on windows 10

How to force Cortana to search with google: Cortana is an impressive feature on Windows 10, and most of us got used to Cortana for instant answers. But most of us like Cortana to search...
How to hide files in windows 10

How to hide files and folder in windows 10 (all methods including image)

Most of us will have a file or folder with us which we want to keep away from others users of our computer, some may know how to hide files but some may be...

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