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AdNow Review for Publishers
AdNow Review for Publishers

Advertising has become one of the most crucial elements of the society. Surviving the competition without proper advertising of the product is hard. Many companies hire professionals to do this job for them. Though there are numerous ways to advertise a product, the most popular one is advertising it online.

Many advertisers are looking for the best ad networks to serve their ads around the world. So, where will these ads be served? These ads will appear on the publisher’s website.

A publisher is a person looking to monetize his/her website to make a decent earning through it. There exist some ad networks, the most popular one being Google Adsense, but still, most of them lack the widget ad optimisation.

AdNow is one such ad networks that give a proper emphasis on widget advertising. Its native ads have taken over the traditional form of widget advertising. The widget ads have now become catchier and have the ability to please the reader’s eyes. Let us collect some useful information about this native ad network in this post “AdNow Review for Publishers”.

AdNow Review for Publishers
AdNow Review for Publishers

AdNow – The Brief Introduction

The most popular present-day native ad network AdNow is an impressive platform for the publishers. It is established in the year 2014 for the advertisers, and the company started serving the publishers from December 2015. From then there was no look back, and it has managed to form a network of over 150K publishers in 107 countries of the Earth. The founders of this ad network are digital marketers specialising in the RTB and the Big Data.

AdNow is working hard for enhancing the publisher experience by improving its features for the publishers. Native advertising is beneficial to the publishers to bring high CTR rates than the traditional widget ads. Let us know how publishers can join AdNow and get benefited out of it.

Terms & Conditions

To become a publisher at AdNow, visit adnow publisher page and click on sign up the option and fill the registration form. Make sure you fulfil certain criteria. There is no minimum traffic requirement. You can start here even with minimal traffic. Also, you get instant approval if your site complies with AdNow’s guidelines. Here are some of the valuable guidelines that every user should adopt to become a publisher.

  • The site should have no copyright issue.
  • Site should not present any objectionable content including adware, spam, adult, malware, or spyware to its users.
  • The site should also not promote any type of illegal activity.

To ensure that you remain AdNow does not ban publisher you must follow below mentioned things strictly. Check them out.

  • You should not use the bots for manipulating the number of clicks on the ads.
  • Make sure that you don’t click on your ads and should not provoke someone to do the same on your behalf.
  • A publisher should not use the PTC sites, Auto-refreshing sites or the proxies for generating the fake clicks.

These are the criteria one needs to fulfil to become a publisher at AdNow and continue with it for a long run. You should not adopt any underhanded means to earn more.

AdNow Review and benefits
AdNow Review and benefits

AdNow Review for Publishers and its Benefits for the Publishers

The publishers can utilize this native ad platform and replace the ads in the widget section of their sites. The native ads of AdNow can bring more interactions and hence enhances the CTR. You are sure to earn more as compared to the traditional form of widget advertising. Let us explore its benefits for the publishers.

Simple Setup & Assistance:

Once you have become the publisher at AdNow, you can easily proceed with the further setup in minutes with the help of dedicated account manager given to you and that too having the local tongue. Moreover, the native ads can go live instantly.

Safety Check on the Ads:

All the ads that are going to be displayed on your site’s widget are moderated previously. Then after going through the safety check, they are made available to be displayed on publisher’s website. This ensures that no malware is induced into your site.

Improved CTR Rates:

There are only a few advertisers that can give high CTR rates on widget advertising. At AdNow, you can get CTR as high as 1.50%(even more few times) because the ads are really eye-catchy capable of bringing the interactions. At an average, the CTR remains around 1.15%.

Ad Customization:

Don’t like the pre-moderated design of your native ads? No problem. You can easily customize the ads in your own way. The font, size, colour, number of columns & rows, and few other aspects of the ad can be changed as per the requirements.

Payments and Threshold:

One of the best things about AdNow is that the minimum threshold is just $20. Moreover, the publisher need not wait longer than seven days for the payments to be dispatched as AdNow follows the NET 7 policy. The payments are done through Wire Transfer, ePayments or even through PayPal.

Referral Program:

The referral program is just not only for the publishers, but it’s for everyone. You can refer the advertiser or publisher to AdNow and can make some bucks out of it.


The tutorials of AdNow can be utilized to fullest to gather maximum information about its working. Still, if you have some questions, you can join the official thread and get your query solved there.You can even ask your questions from the dedicated account manager you get after signing in as publisher.

The Last Words

AdNow has come up to be a robust native advertising network for the publishers as well as the advertisers. Both can utilize it to maximum and take benefits out of it. The large publisher base along with an impressive advertiser network ensures that the publishers are served better ads. This improves their chances of earning more revenue. This native advertising platform has indeed taken over some of the biggest advertising platforms on the internet.

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    I’m using adnow on my website and it’s good native ads network. I always get payment on time.
    But the problem is now ads of adnow is not support on Facebook browser. If you post website link that using adnow on Facebook, the visitor come from Facebook can not reached your site because website will close automatically when ads of adnow nearly appear.


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