whatsapp privacy

Whatsapp privacy: You Should Change your settings or else you will suffer

Whatsapp privacy changed Our privacy settings does really support privacy or not? What do you think about WhatsApp privacy?Whats app has made it a big confusion for us. When Whats app joined Facebook, it made...
How to bold on whats app

How to bold italic and strike through your whats app messages

Whatsapp has rolled out a new update in which you can simply stylize your fonts like Microsoft word.You can simply bold your text , Italicised your text and also strikethrough your text, These are...
whatsapp is now free

WhatsApp is now free from Annual Subscription

Whatsapp is now free, yes now it is  the craziest network that is used by nearly a billions of people around the globe.And they were many people just got used to what's App to stay in touch...

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