How to Choose a perfect niche for your blog

Choose perfect niche
Choose perfect niche

Are you planning to own a blog? So, have you selected your niche or not?

If not then go through this article it will definitely help you to find out a perfect niche. The initial step that we should take before creating a blog is selecting a proper niche.

Usually, we plan to have a blog but we aren’t sure enough “what our blog is going to be”?

Either we have multiple niches or a single niche in mind and get confused. So selecting a niche has turned as difficult as creating a blog.

Let’s go through few steps for selecting a perfect niche.


Choose perfect niche:

Most of you might be knowing what does a niche mean.


But if you’re one of them who don’t know, then for you this article is useful.


What does a niche mean?

Niche is a particular topic that your blog is going to contain. Simply niche is what you post about and that you offer to your visitors.

Well niche can be classified into two categories:

  • Board niche
  • Specific niche


Board niche:

Board niche is a vast topic which covers the main and subtopics in it.

For Ex: If you want to blog and your niche is sports, then you can cover all subtopics in it like cricket,  football, hockey etc.

Here, you can publish about any sports and discuss that sport but this type of blogs requires more hard work and time.


Specific niche:

Specific niche focuses on a single topic. It doesn’t go for its subtopics or anything.

For ex: Here if you wish to blog about a sports related topic like cricket, then you will be blogging about cricket only and nothing more.

These are the two categories that one should follow before selecting a niche.

Here are few niche examples that may help you:

  • Blogging
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Humour
  • Religious
  • Technology
  • Fashion etc.

This list continues……

There are various other niches as well.

So as a beginner, you must concentrate on a single niche. You should have good knowledge and grip on that topic.

It should be your kind of topic, the subject which you want to express and which you’re enthusiastic to learn more. Your expression for that subject will be in the form of a blog.

For ex: Myvash is a blog for blogging tips, Technology how to’s and social media.

Those are my niche and you will be finding various another blog regarding these niches. It purely depends on you and your connection with the audience.

So if you feel sports or movie reviews is which interests you, then go ahead and keep it updating.

I think you have various niches rolling on your mind but what measures should be taken so that you opt for a single niche.

Here it is:

Ways to select a perfect niche:

What are you passionate about?

Make sure about your passion. Every human is passionate about something.

For ex: Some have a passion for playing cricket while other have a passion for acting…

So similarly, if you have or more passions write it down, make a list of your passion, and be clear enough about it.




Don’t go for the topics just because they have a hype(If you have good information about that topic then it is good or else better to avoid). After writing passion list.



Thinking about topic:

Now after listing your passion, just check whether the niche is having long term potential means “can it work for a long period of time or not”?

So write down the long term interest on one side and the short-term interest on the other side. Now decide, if you want to be a full-time blogger opt for long term interest or else opt the short term one.


What you love to write forever:

See till now we have discussed our passions, after that their survivals(means whether its long-term potential or short term).

But now it’s your writing that is going to add survival. If you are experienced/expert/well trained, then you can skip these steps. Creating and writing content in the blog is not limited only to a month or a year. It’s you who can make it to another level.

If you have a love for that niche, you want to know more about it, you want to share about it then make sure to select that niche because once you create a blog you should update it, bring fresh content to your blog. So this is only possible if you have love and madly interest for it.


Do you have any experience?

There are bloggers who are expertise for a niche and write content about it. If you are one of them and want to share the knowledge you have then it is great.

Ex: If you have experience in reviewing a movie and you’re going to start a blog about it then it is really good.


Finalize the topic:

So, after all, above steps, you might have reached to a destination, from your jotted and differentiated interest list. At this moment, the topic you have selected is the most passionate topic.

It is perfect if you have all the information about a topic or if you think you are a beginner and there is more to know, it’s also good because we know knowledge is unending. So don’t get worried, I assure if you have a love for a subject then you will definitely try to research it and give the best.


Be the trend:

Lastly, I want to say that there might be various blogs that publish the same niche you have selected. So you are entering into a huge competition.


But don’t get panic, be confident, regularly update your blog, try to be a bit unique, that’s it! And as I said earlier be patience and work hard, because they are the success chances.

I hope you were able to find the best niche. And I am looking forward to have a glance at your blog.

Start blogging and enjoy blogging!!.

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