90 Content Marketing tools bloggers can’t live without (2016)

90 Best used Content marketing tools
Content marketing tools

Content marketing has been a huge boost in today’s digital world, and we can see many experts are making their work faster and easier with Content marketing tools.

Newbies and marketers always try to do that but they fail because they don’t know what type of digital marketing tools they must use.

Many people think about one question that is “how experts are tasting success” and why I can’t???

Now for all of them:

People who succeed with their content will always do three things very well:

  • Firstly, they’ll make sure that there are writing on trending topics or problem-solving article.
  • Second, they take care of their content they write, and they will focus mainly on content curation and apply all the copywriting skills on it.
  • Third and the main thing, they try to approach massive crowd and take their curated content to the masses.

Now, to do these three things mostly bloggers always keep most of their efforts. But experts always make their job easier with the help of content marketing tools.

So, the best and smart way to decrease your work stress is to use “content marketing tools.”

But you’re probably wondering:

  • How do I find best content marketing tools?
  • How do I make my works easier like experts?
  • What are the best content marketing tools 2016? etc.

If you are wondering these questions then you are not only a single person who wanted to know about it, they are tons of people who are starving to know about these techniques.

Well, today I’m going to make it easy for you.

Here’s a deal:

I am going to produce the full pledged list of content marketing tools where pro bloggers and experts use in 2016.

I mainly researched and listed many tools which are used by experts and pro bloggers, from various sources. So, make use of this excellent content marketing tools list and rock your content marketing strategies.

By reading this content marketing tools article, you can get your desired content marketing software.

So, why are you waiting for just go through this article and get your desired content marketing tool among the lists of the “best content marketing tools 2016”.  This list contains “90 Best content marketing tools” which so called as “digital marketing tools.”

Content marketing tools experts can’t live without in 2016:

Here in content marketing tools, To make your work easier I have listed all the content marketing tools in the category wise so that you can easily pick your desired tool and continue with your content efforts.

If you want the full list of only ” Seo tools” Then this list from “Brian Dean” will help you.

Now, coming to the content marketing tools,

Content discovery tools:

1. Quora: Quora was the best tool to find the promising questions and topics online. Quora is a questions and answers site where you can easily use it to find the trending content in your industry.

Useful Content marketing tools
Quora Content discovery tool

Most of the present day tech geeks and experts always focus on the Quora to build more authority to their sites by answering those question in an efficient manner. These content discovery tools will come under content marketing tools so don’t get confused.

2. BuzzSumo: Buzzsumo is the favorite tool for most of the content marketers where you can find the best and trending content along with the influencers attracted content.

  • You can discover the best topics in buzz sumo by just analyzing that keyword.
  • The useful part of this tool is you can check the trending content and also the sharers who shared the content.
  • To be more productive with buzz sumo all you have to do is analyze more details.
Content marketing tools 2016

3. Inbound.org: Inbound.org is one of the best platforms where you can have an impression on the influencers and experts, lots of professional marketers often use this site to find questions of newbies and to create a fabulous content to impress them and turn them into their fans.

Where you can also try to post the best post to gain attention. It’s simply a world of marketers.

Content marketing tools 2017
Content discovery tool

4. Alltop: The world of trending content where you can find each and every topic on this site. And also you can find the best sites on that subject, here newbie or content experts often take advantage of the trending content and create a fab article and then waits to grab world’s eye on their content.

Digital marketing tools
Alltop content discovery tools

5. Reddit: Reddit is like an ocean of question for content marketing because it produces a lot of topics and subtopics.

Reddit content marketing tool
Content discovery tool

6. Pinterest: Pinterest is the huge place where you can get lots of ideas for your next blog post, you can be more productive with this site. And visually it’s the best place to find both creative and informative posts.

7. Portent content idea generator: Portent content idea generator is an innovative tool. Where it will give all the related ideas of the keywords and sometimes it will be fun while sometimes it gives the best content ideas.

Portants idea generator
Portants idea generator

8. Yahoo: Yahoo is never less to find the trending content and Yahoo answers is also similar to Quora. It is also having a decent base of traffic where you can get a practical question to answer.

9. Feedly: Feedly is a place where you can read blogs, news magazine, and newspapers, etc. Feedly is also the best tool to discover trending content.

Feedly Content discovery tool
Feedly — Content discovery tool

10. Trendspottr: Trendspottr is the best to now the trending tops and hot topics faster, and you can see all the emerging trends on social media. It also helps you to find the graph of that trend whether it’s positive or negative.


11. HubSpot blog topic generator: Hub spot blog topic generator will generate different types of ideas with the keyword you entered. It is more efficient sometimes as we may forget some crucial ideas about the topic it may remind you of that idea.

Hubspot's Blog topic generator
Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator


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Content planning and organization tools (Digital marketing tools):

12. Trello: Trello is the best tool to organize your content, trello is one of the favorite tools which is used by many content marketers and their teams. It’s the best way to plan a content and also see it in a visual appearance. Here digital marketing tools refer to content marketing tools so don’t scramble your brain if you are the newbie.




13. Google Calendar: Google Calendar is a free tool where you can track all the important task and events of your niche competitors, and all helps you to stay organized by planning and share that plan with your team or followers.

14. Evernote: Evernote is the essential tool where many people frequently use to remind their tasks and to keep your memory over there. Here you can keep your thoughts and ideas and improvise them and brainstorm your next posts.

15. Coschedule: Coschedule is a place where you can easily get start up with your plans and set up your editorial calendar. It’s a comprehensive inbound marketing tool. You can directly schedule and assign tasks of users within the due date, by its features.

Coschedule calender
Coschedule calender

16. Kapost: Kapost is the one of the best and well know editorial calendar tools, It’s used by many of the expert marketers and also by the big firms to manage their editorial calendar. This tool tracks all of your content marketing from starting base to ending social distribution.


17. Hubspot editorial calendar: Hubspot offers a great editorial calendar, and its best for the starters of the editorial calendars as it will see all the content, keywords and dates, etc. you can easily add your ideas, and you can start to your work with its free templates.


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Analytics tools:

18. Google Analytics: Google is a free and top notch tool which offers all the main type of features which are essential for a content marketer to plan his ideas for free. Content marketing success can only achieve by analysis and for that Google Analytics is the best free tool. Analytics tools come under content marketing tools.

google analytics helpful content marketing tool
Google Analytics

19. KissMetrics: KissMetrics is one of the best analytics tools in the present digital field. It is founded by a couple of intelligent persons, and Neil Patel is one of them, it offers great features to know your visitor and more. Most eCommerce sites will get the best results with this metrics.

kissmetrics Analytics tool
Analytics tool

20. Crazy Egg: the Crazy Egg is also the company of Neil Patel and it offers a visual experience to the visitors and offers few more features like the heat map, scroll map, overlay, and confetti, etc. It’s the best tool to get the visual representation of the relevant clicks on your sites.

Crazy Egg digital marketing tool
Crazy Egg

21. Clicky: Clicky is a handy tool for all the content marketers where you can peek some of your real-time audience and know their activities on your page quickly and unlike Google Analytics. It will not show results of the single day it will show real-time data lively. So, if you are getting some activities and for user’s interaction it’s the best tool.

One of the best internet marketing tool
Clicky analytics tools

22. Open web Analytics: Open web analytics it’s the free software where you can easily compare results from your website. It’s a one of the best content marketing tool as It’s very straightforward and much useful than other free version software. It is an analytics tool where you can analyze how people use your site.

Open web analytics tools
Open web analytics tools

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Content creation tools:

23. Grammarly: Grammarly is the best online grammar checker where it will be helpful to create your content more sharply without any errors. It also checks plagiarized content and show the advanced errors of your content and finally make your content more compelling. This content creation tools also comes under content marketing tools.


24. Hemingway Editor: the heming way is the tool which helps you write boldly and openly without any sorts of errors. This app highlights the long and complex sentences and readability errors and standard grammar errors. This is a great tool, particularly when you are at the start of your online career.

Hemingway tool
Hemingway tool

25. Canva: Everyone loves this tool a lot, and this tool ultimately simplifies the graphics design process very quickly. It’s best online visual image editor where many marketers use to boost their blog post with the images created on canva.

26. Photoshop: No question about the Photoshop, because many of the marketers trust Photoshop and make their pictures and graphics in Photoshop, it gives unlimited power and no restriction.

27. Visual.ly: Infographics creation is a huge blunder to all the new bloggers and marketers. So visual.ly is the best tool which all you to work out with this infographics easily. You can use readymade templates, or you can make better infographics through their tool.

Visual.ly infographics tool
Visual.ly infographics tool

28. Uberflip: Uberflip is a tool which helps you to create and manage the content, and you can also optimize the content experiences at every step in the uberflip. And it’s very easy tool to use.


29. PowToon: It’s a useful tool and perfect tool to build the video presentations for your content to make it more compelling to your audience. It’s an easy tool where you can create video introduction by its templates and also by drag and drop features.


30. Animoto: If you want to create a professional video about your services or any other related stuff then the best tool to create them is Animoto, which is having great styles and templates which quickly turn your project into a professional video.


31. Resize.it: Resize is a tool where you can resize all your images, effectively for all social media platforms and other places.

32. Piktochart: Creating infographics can make your blog go viral and to make that infographic quickly, piktochart is an easy app to create infographics. They have an easy editor that relieves stress for you.


33. Easel.lyThe easel is a tool to create infographics by just selecting the template. And it’s the most fundamental tool where there is no experience required to build. Here all you have to do is take a model edit in your way or just fill your info in that template.


34. Snappa: Snappa is the easiest graphics design tool, where you can create your set of images by just drag and drop option, and it’s very simple in nature, but it’s a powerful editor where you can create lots of unique images. In content marketing field image also place a lot of roles so opt for the best content marketing tools in this category.

Easy Gif Making: How to create Gif through any videos and pics within 2 minutes.  

35. infogr.am: It’s a graphical tool where you can easily create unique and innovative, infographics and charts for free. And it’s very easy to create and share infographics.

infogr.am an useful content marketing tools in 2016

E-Mail Marketing tools:

36. Aweber: Aweber is one of used and popular email marketing tools on the web. It’s affordable and very accessible to us. It’s having many ready to use email marketing templates where you can opt for the best. And it’s also having some features like Reviews, advanced HTML, etc. E-Marketing tools are very crucial in ” content marketing tools” as it brings sales and reputation through email.

Aweber Email marketing tools

37. Mailchimp: Mailchimp is the best email marketing tool for the newbies where it offers free services up to 1000 subscribers. And it’s having nearly 10 millions of users online. Its primary target is to send email better.

Content marketing tools 2017

38. Get response: Get response is the other email marketing tool, it offer the email marketing services to nearly 350,000 users. The main thing about “get response” is it’s easily understandable by the starts and very easy to manage the campaign.

Get Response
Get Response

39. Mailerlite: Another affordable email marketing tool, which offers best services to business and in particular for all small business. It is having built in features and templates where you can use them readily.


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Social media marketing tools:

40. Buffer: Buffer is one of the widely used tools, and it’s a better way to share your posts and updates on social media. Content marketers always need social media traffic, and they always wanted to be active on social media. And if you have a time scarcity then you can schedule your post to that time and buffer will posts those very effectively.

41. HootSuite: Trusted by millions of people and it’s same as the buffer it is a social media management tool. HootSuite has a broad range of social media platforms, and it connects and publishes your post to nearly 35 social media platforms.


42. Every post: Every post is the pretty impressive tool, where you can curate the visual content and also schedule the posts by customizing them. And you can easily share content to the best social media platforms. It’s also useful to post from your Mobile devices.


43. Bit.ly: Bit.ly is a URL shortener tool; it’s perfect for shorting URLs and lower your word counts in your social media platforms, especially in Twitter. It can get the click reporting, and its also helps you to understand how well your conversions are how to improve them.

Bit.ly content marketing tool

44. AgoraPulse: AgoraPulse is a social media marketing tool, where you can curate your content and schedule for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is having dynamic reports on all the three most important networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

45. Socialbro: Socialbro is a twitter marketing tool, it helps you with all your Twitter needs and content reports and it’s also used to for creating ads on Twitter. Socialbro has changed its name to audience.

Social bro
Social bro

46. Oktopost: Oktopost is the social media management tool, this tool mainly focused on generating leads and sales for the business. This is a helpful tool where you can get more than other platforms ever. Oktopost is primarily necessary for companies who want to increase their sales and gain money.


47. Meet Edgar: Meet Edgar is a social media tool where it never runs out from you social media queue. It helps you to recycle your posts easily and quickly. So because of this feature, you can reach an enormous amount of traffic from social media at the start or later.

Meet Edger
Meet Edger

48. Slideshare: Slideshare is one of the popularly used services for PowerPoint presentations. Many services use this slide share to promote a product, service, new release and blog post. It is a tool which gives you the great opportunity to share high-quality content in a visual manner and also gets the huge amount of traffic towards your business and blog pages.

Keywords research tools:

49. Google keyword planner: The essential to search keywords. It is widely used by most of the bloggers because all it’s a free tool. As we all know most of the new blogger can’t effort to pay for keywords analysis tools like SEMrush, spyfu, etc.

Google keyword planner is a part of Google AdWords; you can use it for all your keyword activities, to find keywords statistics, etc. If you want to know how to use it, this will be helpful “how to use google keyword planner effectively.”


50. SEMRUSH: SEMrush is one of the best keyword tools on the web, As it provides all your competitor’s info and lets you find the long tail keywords, usage, and other leading reports. Many marketers use this SEMrush, tool to extend their domination above their competitors. Particularly seo, and SEM professionals always use this tool for digging out the deeper stuff of their competitor.



51. Keyword tool.io: Keyword.io tool is one of the best keyword research tools in free tools. This tool uses the Google’s autocomplete feature to maintain and generate keyword. So, it’s very efficient and useful tool, and particularly it’s a free tool. Many influencers use keywords.io along with other keyword tools as for their keyword research.


52. KW Finder: KW Finder is a keyword research which is powerful for researching keywords and do more things. It’s a competitive analysis tool which you can do many things on the KW Finder. To do all those you have to explore each section of KW Finder.

KW Finder
KW Finder

53. Long Tail Pro: Long tail pro is one of the keyword research tools which is widely used by content marketers.  And it’s trusted by more than 70000+ marketers, and SEO’s to find the breathtaking long tail keywords ideas quickly.

Longtail pro
Longtail Pro

54. SpyFu: Spyfu is considered as one of the best competitor analysis tool, and in competitive analysis, spyfu is the best on the web. It has a free search option where you can try it for free. And mostly new bloggers can make use of this tool as they were worried about other blogs.


55. SeCockpit: Secockpit is a keyword research tool, it’s the Swiss made marketing solution. Where it is the world’s fastest and most efficient keywords research tools. It’s also the favorite tools of seo expert “Brian Dean” who is popularly known for his blog “backlinko.”


56. Moz keyword difficulty tool: Many influencers use this tool and its one of the trending tool among the influencers in 2016, they always see this analysis to rank their client’s keywords and all.

Moz Difficulty tool
Moz Difficulty tool

57. Web CEO: Web CEO is one of rising keyword analysis tools, it is having outstanding features like “Get Suggestion” and “ Spy on competitors” which offers a lot of suggestions.


58. Wordtracker: Wordtracker is the keyword tool which has the adequate amount of keywords information from “Google,” “Amazon,” and “YouTube” in their database. So it provides fast and more accurate results.


Link Building and backlink checkers tools:

59. Authority Spy: Authority Spy is a helpful tool. Which is specifically designed to find the “top influencers in your niches.” This tool searches all the information for the top trending websites and social media platforms. These are the essential tools in content marketing tools.

Authority spy
Authority Spy

60. Buzz Stream: Buzz stream is the link building tool where it helps the marketers to promote their products and services through building links. It’s a fine tune tool which makes you relive stress from email outreach and link building.

Buzz Stream
Buzz Stream

61. Ahrefs: Ahrefs is a useful tool which is backlink checker and competitor research tool. It’s the best tool in finding of the external links and internal links information and its backlink checker provides in-depth analysis of your links so you can improve it.


62. Open Site Explorer: Open site Explorer is a search engine which elaborates all the information of the links. You can analyze your website and improve your Domain Authority by following the results and analysis.

Open site explorer
Open site explorer

63. Majestic site explorer: Majestic site explorer is the best tool among the free tools, and it will track all your links to any domain and get you most accurate results.


Seo and the web analyzing tools:

64. Yoast: Yoast is one of the best tools to maintain your seo standards. It shows each and every error which is presently lagging in your blog and helps you to go through that. It’s best to install Yoast seo plugin in your WordPress to stay safe with seo.

65. All in one seo: All in one seo is an alternative to the Yoast plugin. Where it has its unique features like auto generated the description and adding tags and bad bot blockers etc. It’s the best option if you don’t want to install Yoast.

66. Google search console: Google search console is the primary tool and it’s a tool which shows you all the statics of the site like how many pages indexed, search appearance, sitemap, errors of the website, fetch as Google and more. Features its best check google search console frequently to maintain your seo.

67. Moz Pro Tools: The Moz is a super useful site where you can get lots of help both with their blog content and also with their tools. Moz Pro is the premium version where you can start with a free trial. Moz is a collection of many tools which analyze your site and show you the results where you must improve.

68. Hub Spot’s Website Grader: Hubspot’s website grader is a tool which audit all your site and shows you the statics. It’s indicating the performance of a website and seo, security and mobile readability, etc. And it shows the grade and suggests you to what to change.

Website graber
Website grader

69. Woorank: woo rank is the tool which helps marketers to check their site statistics about the seo initiatives, social media, mobile readability, and more. It’s a premium tool where you can have a free 14 days trial to have a glance at the tool.

70. Varvy’s Seo tool: Varvy’s seo tool is the site analysis tool. Where it analyses your complete site information, links, images, alt tags and mentions and all the aspects regarding seo. And its shows the better and comprehensive results to make use of them and improve your site.

Vavry seo tool
Vavry seo tool

Website speed analysis tools:

71. Google page speed: Google page speed is a comprehensive tool to measure your page speed and also to analyze what is dragging your page speed, and you can find issues.

google page speed
Google page speed

72. Gtmetrix: Gtmetrix is one of the best online website speed checker tool. It analyses the whole site and brings a clear report on what you must do and how you can do that with their articles.

GT Metrix
GT Metrix

73. Pingdom: Pingdom is another popular page speed checker which is widely used by many of the online users and its shows the results and analysis similar to the GT Metrix.

74. Google mobile friendly checkup: Google has a huge impact on the mobile optimized sites. So you must check with the google test to find your website whether it’s mobile friendly or not, if not you should optimize your site for mobile devices.


Conversion optimization tools:

75. Sumo me: Sumome Is the suite of the free conversion optimization tools to grow your website’s traffic. The sumo me tools are easy to use and also easy to install. You can add a variety of pop-up and opt-in forums to your website to increase your traffic and sales and also to increase your subscriber count.

Content marketing tools
Buzz Sumo

76. Convert: Convert is an affordable enterprise for all you’re a/b testings. This tool helps website owners to know about their user’s preferences and what kind of improvements they like and what they must do to attract them. Through this tool, you can optimize your sales page and sites to increase conversions.


77. Optimizely: Optimizely is an A/b testing tool which is used to increase your website traffic and improvements. It has a personalized platform where you can quickly test your results and optimize your site.


78. Mixpanel: Mixpanel is an analytics platform for mobiles. Which gives the advanced features. It helps you to measure your audience actions on your site and also optimize funnels. This site also has a unique feature where its says the accurate report of how people interact with web pages and how they navigate through your website.

Content marketing tool

79. Clicktale: Cilcktale is an analytics tool where it’s a freemium tool which tracks around 5000 visitors recordings per month. And if you get more than that it will “charge some amount.” With this ClickTale, you can watch each and every step of your visitor and key an eye to improvise your website.

Content marketing tools 2015

80. SurveyMonkey: Survey Monkey is also a content marketing tool. As it comes under conversion optimization tools,  Survey Monkey helps you to collect customer feedback to understand their needs. And its also allows you to make questions and collect up to 100 response for free. You make many surveys to improve your user’s engagement by this tool.

Survey Monkey
Survey Monkey

Social Media Analytics Tools:

81. Crowdbooster:  Crowdbooster is a social media analytics tool. Where its tracks your websites social media engagement along with the information about its interactions and followers and other features. Its is similar to Facebook insights but provides more information than that tool.


82. Social Bakers: A social Baker is a tool which shows the complete statistics of the websites social media platforms along with basic metrics to advanced metrics. It brings the statics for facebook, twitter, google plus, linked in and youtube.

Social bakers83. Curalate: The most engaging tool for all the visual marketers. This tool helps to find the data about which image is most engaging for the audience on the Pinterest and Instagram and also helps you to connect with the visually attracted customers.


84. Cafyne: Cafyne is the social media analytics tool. Where it analyses all your social media platforms and find the “metrics faster and smarter than other tools.” It also maintains your brand promotion and employee engagement and produces great reports.


85. Trackmaven: This tool is the best tool to find your competitors information. And its also helps you to optimize your content strategy and analyze all the campaign efficiently and excite your reports to all your social media platforms.


86. Simply measured: Simply measured is a very comprehensive social media analytics tool which reports the every sort of situation and engagement quickly and more efficiently. It also supports a broad range of the social networks to bring reports.

simply measured
Simply measured

87. Rival IQ: Rival IQ is one of the best tools to find your competitors information. It produces all the results about your competitors and tracks their performance across all the social media platforms. It’s very easy to understand and very simple to manage. Rival IQ has an effective content marketing tools to track competitors.


88. So TrenderSotreder is a tool which provides full in-depth analysis of the few social media platforms. (Facebook. Instagram, twitter, and youtube) It gives you a comprehensive, detailed information to resolve your problems and compete with your competitors.


89. Quintly: Quintly is also an analytics tool which provides information about few social media accounts. It has customizable dashboards where you can see the full information of the following social media accounts, and also you can add widgets for the stat to monitor.


90. Keyhole.co: Keyhole is a social media analytics tool. Where it can track your social media presence and statics and also it will amplify your brand’s message. It has two unique tools “Hashtag tracking for Twitter” and “Account tracking and reporting.” Keyhole comes under content marketing tools.


Now, with these 90 content marketing tools, I am concluding this list, and I will update this post frequently to add few more content marketing tools to increase your business.


But we can’t plan a “content marketing strategy” without the help of content marketing tools.

Because content marketing needs more analyses and measures to make a note of your business plus and minus and also your competitors business plus and minus. To plan a best content marketing strategy that wins your race.

Do, you think that I have missed any of your favorite content marketing tools?

Or did you feel some of the content marketing tools are not worthy on this list?

Either way, Let me know by just leaving your valuable comment or suggestion or compliment. Anything will be taken into consideration, Thank you.

If you like this” 90 Best content marketing tools” list, do share with your friends and followers. To make my work little bit easier and move to produce another researched article for our valuable myvash viewers.

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  1. Hi Aswini ,
    what a great job you did to gather all these tools for us.
    I did hear of some of them ,but many are very interesting
    to look at and discover. I am sure this is very helpful for many
    bloggers. Awesome post
    Thank you

  2. Hai Aswini sis,
    I am new here on your site and may be this the first one i had read.Article is completely worth to spent some time here.To be frank,I had used a very few tools among your list and that too the popular one’s such as quora,Grammarly and some more.I think this was the long list of tools i had ever seen till now.Subscribed to the site as well.

    Thank you for such an informative post.

    • Thanks for your insightful comment Bro, Happy to see you on my blog. Hope you can use these tools to improve your strategies And you can have a look at other informative posts as well. Regards Aswini.

  3. Hey Aswini

    Really informative post. Amazing list of tools.:) I think seo and content marketing both are very important aspect. I also like Canva, it’s a smart and stylish online tool for visual content creation. Highly recommended! I am sure this post will get a lot of new traffic, since it was posted as one of the best 2016 posts of the year, I already bookmarked it as “Best of 2017”. very helpful. I hope that it gonnna help me alot in future.

    I use a lot of these extensively as well for my content marketing.

    Thanks for posting!

  4. This is indeed an in-depth article on this subject and who have done a great job to produce it. I enjoyed reading it, Aswini 🙂 Thanks for sharing this article and have a great day 🙂

  5. That’s a sumo size. Included almost all essential content marketing tools in one post. I would love to share it on my fb timeline. I have used most of them but some are new to me. I would give them a try as i need them. I also invite you write a guest post on my blog. You writing style is very impressive.


  6. I loved reading through this article, Aswini! Although I am not a content marketer myself, I use quite a few of the tools listed, too. Tracking mentions is also a great approach and we believe at brand24.com that social listening tools like ours can provide a lot of insights in this matter too. By monitoring competitors, you can discover what kind of content they publish that gets the most engagement and adjust your strategy to reach the same or even higher level of interactions. Monitoring keywords potentially relevant to your target audience is a great idea too, as you can get some new ideas in terms of content creation.

  7. Hi Aswini,

    That’s the most comprehensive list of tools you can ever get. I am sure u must have put up a lot of effort to get things together.

    Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for sharing it.

  8. Aswini, this is a great list of invaluable resources every content marketer should know about! Personally, I use quite a lot of those that you mentioned, including SEMrush, Trello, Keyword.io and Portent (I particularly like this latest one; it’s so much fun to work with).
    A few others I’d like to suggest:

    Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule (coschedule.com/feature-headline-analyzer) – super helpful
    Notion for organizing and sharing notes and ideas (www.notion.so) – a nice new tool
    Animatron for creating animated videos, GIFs, infographics and other things (animatron.com) – very easy to work with

  9. This a rather extensive list, Aswini! These are some great tools you’ve mentioned. Another app you might want to look into is DrumUp (drumup.io)-social media management, content discovery, promotion and curation. It’s great for finding and scheduling fresh and relevant content from reputable sources onto multiple social media platforms. You can also track content from your favorite blogs by adding their RSS feeds, and store interesting content in your content library. Great tool for bloggers looking for new content, and being active on social media.

  10. Hi Aswini,

    Thanks for your great efforts to show us the superb list of content marketing tools, I have tried many of these they all are just simply superb. Nice article with useful information.


  11. I think it’s one of the best list of tools I’ve ever seen, because some of these tools I use myself and now I see that there are also a lot I just need to try!
    Thanks for sharing!
    But It seems to me that there will be also useful to work with plagiarism detection tool (instead of Grammarly, which, as for me, more proofreader, then checker). I use Unplag free plagiarism checker (unplag.com/free-plagiarism-checker). Try it!
    Thanks again!


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