How to force Cortana to search with google instead of Bing on windows 10

Cortana to search with google
Cortana to search with google

How to force Cortana to search with google:

Cortana is an impressive feature on Windows 10, and most of us got used to Cortana for instant answers. But most of us like Cortana to search with Google.

But Cortana will only use Bing for all its search queries. Because it’s a Microsoft deal and it will not show up on the world’s popular and widely used search engine Google.

More than half of internet users are huge fans of Google search engine because of its uniqueness, faster and better search results we all believe in Google. Now some are even crazier, and they don’t want to end up for other search engines to browse.

Typically, Cortana located in the taskbar next to the start button in Windows 10, Cortana can help you with any of your queries and needs.

Whenever you need answers we simply provide Cortana with a question, and we will instantly get answers to that query, and you can search almost anything virtually with your Cortana like tracking a packing, managing your PC, browse your files and folders, search for specific files and lot more.


However, when Cortana can’t get answers for you, then it will take the help of Microsoft edge browser and performs a web search from a Bing search engine.

But many users doesn’t like Bing, and they always like to prefer Google so it that cases what they can do, they can force Microsoft edge to allow Google search engine. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t allow us to change the search engine. So you must simply browse in with Bing.

If you are really crazy about Google and wanted to open your results in Google search engine by Cortana, then take a look at this simple technique.


Forcing Cortana to search with Google instead of Bing:

First of all, if you want to change Cortana to search with Google, you must have google chrome browsers installed in your PC.


  • Take a quick look at your PC if you have Google Chrome then you can simply move to others steps if you don’t then follow from this step.
  • Just head over to the Google chrome home page and click the Download button.
How to force cortana to search with google
Google Chrome
  • Then just install it by selecting “set google chrome as my default browser.
How to force cortana to search with google
Set as default browser
  • Now click on accept and install.
  • Then hover over to download and double click the file and it will be installed.


Now, after your installation just follow the below steps

  • Use the “Windows Key + I” “Keyboard shortcut” to open the settings app or just type settings in Cortana.
Force cortana to search with google instead of bing
Open settings app
  • Now navigate to System – Default apps.
Force cortana to search with google instead of bing
Go to default apps
  • Under web browser, Click the current default web browser and choose google chrome from the list.
Force cortana to search with google instead of bing
Set Google Chrome as default browser


The last and final step you need to do is to install an configure the Chrometana extension and do follow these steps below:

  • Visit the Chrome Web Store to Download Chrometana.
cortana to search with google
Add chrometana extension to your browser
  • Next, Click the Add to Chrome button.
  • A new popup message will now appear to confirm your installation of that particular extension, Just click add extension to complete the install.
cortana to search with google
Add chormetana extension
  • Now you will be redirected to the extensions settings page. Here select Google to change the engine that provides search results when using Cortana.
cortana to search with google
Select Google

Now you have everything setup, and you are good to go, Just hover over to Cortana and check your results will appear in google chrome.

Finally, chormetana works in combination with chrome and it is a background process so you don’t need to open that extension each and every time.

That’s it hope you all liked this article about ” How to force Cortana to search with google instead of bing, just comment us if you have anything to say like suggestions, queries, etc.

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