9 crucial wordpress settings after installing wordpress in 2016

Crucial wordpress settings
Crucial wordpress settings

Crucial wordpress settings:

People always want to succeed with their blog, and they will keep all their efforts in designing and writing content but, Do you know that a starter will quite some basic SEO needs which often kills his blog’s search traffic. So you should be aware of those crucial wordpress settings, and you must change them to make the best of your blog.

Every Blogger must know about these crucial wordpress settings. Hence, I have discussed it in this article 9 Crucial wordpress settings as 9 Crucial steps. It often happens after installing WordPress. Every new blogger may have some doubts.

But does he really clarify his doubts?? Gets answers for his queries??

Well, it happens only a few times. Where the person rechecks everything on the other hand if he/she is confused, then they will make some mistakes. Usually, we all skip these simple but Crucial wordpress settings.

Why does this happen?

We all know that new things make us more curious compared to the older ones. Similarly, it happens in blogging. The excitement of creating an own blog and designing leads us to skip some essential wordpress settings because at the start we will have curiosity and anxiousness those will lead us to make some silly mistakes.

After skipping all these steps we want our blog to be SEO friendly, but how it will be SEO friendly.


Have you heard that many people say wordPress is SEO friendly?

And, I hope you are also thinking that. But is it really SEO Friendly,


Let’s find out

Is WordPress Seo Friendly?

WordPress is SEO friendly. But it can’t be SEO friendly unless you change some default settings. WordPress is not SEO friendly by default. So, to make your website SEO friendly, you must go through some steps and hence I have clearly explained them as crucial wordpress settings.

Let me make it right into the topic:

Coming to 9 Crucial wordpress settings or essential wordpress settings you should change after installing wordpress:

Delete Default Page and Post:

WordPress usually comes with a default page and a default post with one comment. Now the first and foremost thing is, We should delete those to make the first impression on changing wordpress settings because if we publish without deleting those then it’s your fault and you are making more worse for your visitor.

Whenever a visitor comes to a web page, he/she will naturally search for the required information, and if he/she like’s your post then they will try to link to your blog.

But whenever a visitor sees those sample page then he will just stop linking to your site, mostly because you are a not really up to your standards.

If you still can’t get it, No one wants to link their site to a site that is realistically poor and clumsy. Also, some sites don’t want to link to new sites as well. Even many pro bloggers also quit these type of sites because they want to be more professional.

So to be professional just delete that sample page, hello world post and the comment. And just try to write an attractive welcome page.

Let’s delete those If you have already logged into your dashboard then go to your post or else log in to your account.

Crucial wordpress settings
Delete sample page

After that go to the pages — all pages — trash — and delete it permanently.

Similarly, go to posts on the left side of your dashboard and move it to trash. After that go to trash and delete it permanently. This is the first essential settings you should change after installing wordpress.


Change Title and Tagline: 

Title and tagline are most important for any site. So you should change your Title and tagline. By default, your wordpress sets your domain name as “title” and “tagline” will be published as “This is just another wordpress site”.

So, it does look bad! Am I right?

It is better to change the tagline you have planned and set your title as you want. In most cases, tagline plays a vital role in attracting the audience so try to pick up an attractive title and tagline.

Let’s see how to change it:

To change those just head over to your wordpress dashboard and take a look at your left side, you will find settings icon.

Crucial wordpress settings
Change title and tagline

Setting ->General

Just modify the tagline and give yours. Tagline helps both search engines and user. So using proper tagline is the important step after creating blog or website. If you are confused about the difference between blog and website, then I have written an easy guide to know what is a blog and difference between blog and website.


Change your Permalink: 

Permalink is the first preference for any SEO expert and blogger, So you must change your permalink to be in the guidelines of SEO.

WordPress have a default permalink like this: www.yourdomainname.com/?p=123

As you can see,

There is no blog keyword or post title in it. So to find your website in SEO standards you must change the permalink but there are some options in that permalink. Now how to judge one of them, It’s easy many prefer “Post name” and some prefer month and name, But generally, Post name is the best permalink.

To change the permalink settings go to:

Crucial wordpress settings
Permalink Settings

Setting ->permalink->select: www.yourdomainname.com/sample-post/.

So you can see your blog title in your URL, and it does not contain any heavy load.


Crucial wordpress settings
permalink examples

You can see more info of permalinks in the clear guide of permalinks and why you should not use the default settings.


Set Your Time Zone: 

If you overlook this step, you may lose something. Setting your time zone is important because through this time zone only you can schedule your post. So you should find your timezone and change it.

You can change Timezone by going to:

Crucial wordpress settings
Change time zone settings

Settings-> General.

You can change this time zone anytime but just set your best suitable time zone.


Provide Email Address: 

E-Mail address always helps you so think carefully before giving an email address. I am saying this point because, Some may just forget to give an email address, and some frequently change email ids. These both are wrong approaches. So provide a standard email id which you use for your blog.

If you want to take a domain  specific email id, then you can just head over to Zoho mail and create your free domain based email id.(ex: admin@myvash.com, yourname@yourdomain.com, etc., You)

Remember one thing email id is simply your contact inform; You may be aware of that very well because email will help you to interact with your viewers. Providing an email id which you check frequently will help you in a long run of your blog.


Update Your Ping List:  

WordPress have only one ping by default “Ping-o-metic.

Although ping-o-metic is the best ping service which pings your post to a lot of pings but Pinging to others services will improve your blog visibility. So you must update your ping list.

Pining to more services will help you to have more sharing option. As your post is published, it will also be directed to those ping services. Some May think that pining to more service will let them be a ping spammer but, that’s not true until you reach a certain limit.

So try important and useful ping services. You can have a whole bunch of popular  WordPress ping list

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Discussion Settings: 

Discussion setting is all about articles notifications, comments, and approval. You should go through your settings and discussion. As commenting is the best and easier source to interact with bloggers. So go through this snapshot and keep these settings.


Crucial wordpress settings
Discussion settings

Configure Reading Settings: 

These settings are mainly used to set a default page.

For suppose,

If you want to maintain “specific landing page”. Then these reading settings are useful. Just head over to your setting– reading and just select “A static page” but if you want to show the latest post, then don’t worry about, Its default setting of wordpress.

Delete Unused Themes: 

WordPress gives few themes for testing. If you have already added few themes then just consider removing unused themes. For suppose, If you have more themes then those themes will occupy more space in your web host.  And also you will see an update option for those remaining themes because of this hosting speed varies.


Even it can happen that hacking can be done through these unused themes. I suggest you to delete all these unused themes.

Crucial wordpress settings
Delete Unused Themes

To Delete Theme:

Go to Themes-> appearance->theme which you want to delete ->select theme details

Then you will find a delete option. Delete it.

So here you are! Completed the crucial wordpress settings and also some called these as essential wordpress setting, but the main points are the above points. I hope it was helpful to you. If you have any trouble or queries, then visit our site: myvash.com and drop a mail on our contact us form or comment us.

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