Difference between a blog and a website – A blogger must know

Difference between a blog and a website
Difference between a blog and a website

The difference between a blog and a website is pretty similar, but they are different when you compare each other.

Hey, can you tell me “what is a blog?” and are the blog and website are same or do they have any differences.

  • Does the URL have to contain “.blogspot” or “.wordpress” for it to be a blog?
  • Don’t know what to choose? Either a Blog or a website? Don’t know what to start.
  • Are you wondering what the difference between a blog and a website is??

If you don’t know these answers, then don’t panic!

I am here to help you with “difference between a blog and a website.” Because it’s an essential thing, you must find out in today’s digitalized world.

I have jotted few points which would help you in knowing the difference between a blog and a website.

Most of the new bloggers face some problems, But practically they are not problems they just think those are problems. We can say them as a bunch of questions.

I guess you have also passed through this. Usually, you will have questions like this:

  • Which is the best way to earn, whether a blog or website?
  • Which is suitable for your information or collection that you want to share?
  • Is there a problem having both blog and a website?
  • What is the Difference between a blog and a website?

These are the primary questions that a blogger faces. Now, if you are having these sort of queries then I will solve them in this article “Difference between a blog and a website.”


What’s the Difference between a blog and a website:

The difference between a blog and a website starts with the definition itself. So I am starting here by informing, what is a blog and website? You may consider this as a point or not.

The Difference Between A Blog And A Website:


Blog: Most of the newcomers always thing that whenever a “.blogspot” and “.wordpress” was attached to the URL than its called as a blog.

No, these URLs won’t make a blog. But it doesn’t make the blog.

A blog can be considered as a daily updated journal or a diary. The blog appears in a reverse chronological order means the newly updated posts appear first or at the top, and the older ones appear at the bottom. Blogs are dynamic in nature.

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Examples of blogs: Techcrunch, Mashable, Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, etc.

Website: A website is a collection of webpage’s where these pages are static. A website shows a single static page which is connected with a lot of internal page links. Where some people argue that both website and blog has a static page, but In most of the cases, this is also true.Up work

The example of sites: Facebook, Evernote, Up work, Paypal, etc.


Another main difference between a blog and a website is creation.

Blog: A blog can be created using website building platforms sites like WordPressBlogspotTumblr, etc.

Website: Creating a website requires minimal coding knowledge. It’s true that with growing technology it has been easier for us to create a website without any requirement of coding. But to get connected to various links and forms backend coding is required. And this is a plus point in blogging.


Style of writing:

This is not a big difference between a blog and a website these because nowadays blogs and websites are written pretty similar.  It’s hard to find whether it’s a blog or website by its writing style, but previously this was a factor.

Blog: Usually a blog is written informally and simple language. It doesn’t have any literature or grammar rules. Interacting with viewers is easy on a blog. Communication between the author and the audience is more natural when compared to a website, but nowadays most of the blogs are writing professionally.

Website: Website isn’t like blogs. The website is a bit official. They have extensive backend data. They are not in the form of posts or articles like a blog.

A website consists of input-output forms regarding an on ads, an e-commerce kind of place, they have separate blog place to interact with their customers, to give information regarding their products, any updates about their organization. But nowadays some websites are also writing in simpler form.



Blog: Blogs can be hosted either self-hosted or platform-hosted. It means that we can host through website building platforms like Blogspot, wordpress

(” if our site is owned by the platform, for ex:www.yourblogname.blogspot.com will be hosted by BlogSpot).

Even we can host it through hosting providing services like the blue host, and other hosting providers.

Website: A website requires own hosting. We can’t go for Free hosting. Hosting is one of the most important parts you have to take care of in building your website.

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Blogs: As blogs don’t require any sort of coding it is easily manageable. Everyone can maintain a blog. Since designs and layouts are inbuilt in the platforms, it becomes easier for any further update.

Website: It is a tricky task to maintain a website. You should know few technical stuff which would help you. Here if we want to update anything it takes quiet time. But nevertheless, there are sites which provide themes. This helped out to become easier.

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Usage (Who make use of):

Blogs: If a person wants to share information regarding any particular topic, then he can opt for a blog. It is a platform where a visitor visits your site to learn or know something. The content could be anything like beauty tips, movie reviews, etc.

A blog is written in the form of a post or articles. Blogs can be used by anyone and can be created and maintained by a single person or some persons.

Ex: Mashable, The Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, etc.



Website: A website is used for representing an organization. The website is mostly maintained by the organization to show their products and to build their info of organization heads, testimonials, product pages, Bussiness clients, Company’s Branches, etc.

It becomes a single sided process. Here usually, inputs are taken. A user doesn’t have anything to learn. They only show the company products and business info. We can consider government website or any social networking to be a website.

Ex: Paypal, Facebook, Wikipedia, Microsoft, etc.

As I said, earlier website have a blog place for their viewers.



Which is the best way to earn, whether a blog or website?

Earning is an important part of every profession. Apart from enjoying work we also work for income. Right!.

Here, I actually can’t mention which has a higher income; both have criteria’s for earning both blogs, and a website revenue source may be similar or not. It quite happens that blogs have less income compared to a site.

Similarly, there is some website which has less income compared to a blog. So we really can’t judge “which is the best source to earn” because it depends on your strategies of getting traffic.


Website mostly depends on products and sales of their company. Where else, a blog mostly depends on ads and products promotions.


Whatever it is but one have to put on efforts and hard work, but before thinking of income, you should properly monetize your website and focus on to get traffic for your blog and website. It’s an important source to earn money.


Which is suitable for your information or collection that you want to share?

Mostly a blog is the best way to share information as you can simply write about it in a relaxed manner where your audience can interact with you easily, I can say if you want to have information or resources site then stick to a blog.

This will be saving time and easier to update when compared to a website, and if you are a blogger who has written lots of posts and has e-books written about your topic and if you want to sell them, then you can have both blog and website.

Here, if someone goes to your blog and wants to have an e-book on a particular topic, then your blog’s traffic can be diverted to your site to purchase the e-books. Similarly, you can do it with any product.

On the other hand, if you are an organization or company providing products or services then it’s a must to have a website. Along with website having a blog is helpful where every update regarding your organization or any new products launch of your company would be published. So for an organisation its best to have both website and blog.

Fact about blogging:

According to wordpress.com, over 409 million people view more than 22.7 billion pages each month. Blog users are producing over 64.3 million new posts ever month and 42.9 million comments are made each and every month.

facts of blogging
Facts of blogging


Is there any problem to have both blog and a website?

There is no problem in having a blog and website. If you are having an organization or small business, then it will be useful because you can describe your products and other aspects on your blog page.

Mostly you can create a perfect post to attract the audience and convert them into customers. Most of the top most websites like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, are having the blog and they will update them regularly.

They make blogs interact with the people and also help them to understand what their product is and that is the best practice. You can drive your blog’s traffic into your website customers. It’s one of the best practices in driving traffic and increasing sales.

Well coming to normal persons who want to set an informational or resourceful sites then it’s better to stick with the blog. It will save time, and you can concentrate on the current topics of your blog.

If you are full-time bloggers and if you were having any written books or articles or any products of your niche then you can also do that. It’s always an excellent practice to have both website and blog. Most of the websites try to drive their traffic from other blogs by offering an affiliate programme. In fact, many modern companies use blogs to improve their sales

ex: Microsoft.


Now, it is you to choose the better one and implement it which is apt for your thoughts or your aim.

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I hope I have helped you to find the difference between a blog and a website and to make a wise decision. So go ahead and start. If you have any further queries or doubts, please let me know through the contact us form or just comment below.

And enjoy browsing our site!

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