How to unlock facebook hidden games (chess,basketball,daily quotes)

How to unlock facebook hidden games
How to unlock facebook hidden games

Did you know that facebook can give you more entertainment from its messenger and its facebook mobile Application?

Do you know that you can play chess and basketball games on facebook?

Well, if you don’t then just take a look at this post to advance and play with your friends from your messenger and encourage your friends to have fun with you.

Facebook hidden games:

Here are the facebook hidden games with a full set of commands to play better than others.


It is a hidden command that can be opened with a command “@fbchess”.

To get started, open up a chat conversation with any friend you would like to play chess with them.

Type @fbchess play to start a game. Then automatically you can see the message and visual approach of game assigned to play with your friends in your messenger.

facebook hidden games
facebook hidden games

You can make use of it in desktop, IOS, and Android Apps.

Generally, when you have started the game facebook will automatically assign you black color and you’re will be the second move.

If you want white color and first move then you can do that as well in your messenger with a small command.

Type (@fbchess play white) – by this command you can choose a pick of your own color or you can simply assign opponents color.

Now, after that, you will show a chessboard with numbers and alphabets on the side of the chessboard, and there is a reason for its display because that’s how you are going to “move” those chess icons across the board.

There is no need to click or drag.

But by this, you may be bit confused at the start but you will have a clear view when you started playing and who knows you can either compete or challenge your friends and have a success from them.

If you want to have clear view over this then take a look at full list of commands:

Start game: @fbchess play
Pick colors: @fbchess play white/black
Pick opponent: @fbchess play with Vamsi
Make a move: use the standard algebraic notation @fbchess e4 or @fbchess 
Pe4 moves the icon to e4.
Nbd2 to move knight from b-file to d2.
B2xc5 to take on c5 with 2nd rank bishop
e8=q is to promote pawn to queen.
0-0-0 or O-O-O to castle.
claim draw: @fbchess draw claim.
offer a draw: @fbchess draw offer.
offer a undo to last move: @fbchess undo.
Resign: @fbchess resign.
show current postion: @fbchess show.
show stats between current players: @fbchess stats.
show latest game pgn: @fbchess pgn
Show all games pgns: @fbchess pgns
Continue a game from other games: @fbchess continue.



This is the facebook second craziest hidden game which tells you about the basketball fever, There is a small update to your messenger app, and just by typing in the basketball emoji you can enable a hidden and secret mini-game between you and your friends.


To start this hidden game, Just find the basketball emoji and send it to a person with whom you want to play the game with if you don’t have basketball emoji (Copy paste it from here  ???? ).

Send it to a friend to start your game and all you have to do is just swipe up toss the ball into the hoop.

The game is to challenge your friend to see who can get the most baskets.


Daily Cute:

There is the other thing that can mesmerize you that is @dailycute which produce a cute image quote of the daily for your friends.

You can see them here:

facebook hidden games
facebook hidden games

These are hidden tricks and games of facebook. I hope you liked it if you have any queries just shoot an email or comment us.

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