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facebook sports stadium

Everyone like sports and most of them is even crazy about sports live events and debates etc. So for them, facebook has just launched facebook sports stadium.

Generally, If a match happens, everyone wants to share their thoughts with his friends or with the world, like oh no! oh yes!Good score,  and there will be many more pretty and bitter emotions that come from the sports fans.

They used to share their thought and emotions on facebook, twitter and on social media and some sports chatting websites etc.

This is the point where facebook has capitalized again and they have moved one more step forward than other social media networks, they had launched a new facebook sports stadium.


Facebook sports stadium:

I know your reaction,

What’s Facebook Sports stadium, what is that? where it is located etc.

The facebook sports stadium is a dedicated section of facebook that aims to take on the sports fans and sports freaks to give them a real life sports time experience with their friends. It also involves to serve them as a central hub for all their emotions.

We can already see the reaction whenever a game is on the play.

Every sports fan will share his own emotions and thoughts in that game, by saying or sending his own insights over that game to his friends.

Now facebook has become the world’s largest stadium with a huge number of the audience ready to celebrate and share their views emotions and get nice advice from the experience and expertise in that game through the facebook sports stadium.


Uses of sports stadium:

Facebook sports stadium brings you to a new world of sports experience. From this facebook sports stadium, all the content which was on facebook come to a single place.

It will come to a real-time experience where we can see each and every update comment or score in a chronological order.

facebook sports stadium
Credit: facebook


  • You can get posts from your friends and dear ones and their comments and emotions on the game in a single place.
  • You can also see sports commentary, advice and post scoreswin percentage and all the match stuff in one place.
  • Live score, play by play commentary, and fresh and full live stats without any delay.
  • All about the game, where to watch it on tv and all the game news.


Facebook also provides the action of the game which unfolds the live play-by-play option and even you can do a crazy stuff like, comment on any game you like and you can also share the individual play stats and plays.

By this facebook sports stadium, facebook wants to engage new people and also to target the sports fans to give them a genuine experience of emotions sharing while the game is in play.


How to get to Facebook Sports stadium:

Facebook is working on those different ways to browse it, but right now you can get it by searching for the game, and then you can get into that easily.

Facebook also said that “we’ll surface new ways to get our product evolves to a new range of experience”.

The facebook sports stadium is only having access to iPhone customers in the US and it will soon roll out to all platforms in coming weeks.

Presently, The facebook sports stadium is just launched today so it is rolling for American football games and, later on, they will support other sports around the world like cricket, basketball, soccer, and more soon.

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