How to make a full backup of Windows 10 in a few minutes

full backup of Windows 10
full backup of Windows 10

Backing up of files are always important for us. It usually happens that we have a lot of important information to be stored. So to be on the safer side we always have a back-up of our original file. When we lose the original copy then we can restore it by its backup file.

Previously we use to backup in external drives or pen drive, discs etc. But in Windows 10 we don’t have to do back up through this process. If you want to do then you can do it.

Now coming to

Windows 10 features:

It is having a unique feature “System Image backup Utility”. In this feature, it can easily create a full backup of windows image of your entire system.

When your computer meets with a disaster then you can easily restore your whole computer settings and software. The backup will bring you the exact copy of your original version.

Actually, Microsoft had introduced this feature in Windows 7 itself and then improved its feature. But later on, it’s back up feature was hidden for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. And now in Windows 10 also they did the same and adding the feature to the advanced tab. So you can easily make a full backup of windows in a few minutes.


How to make a full backup of windows 10 (Image backup):


  1. First of all, Right-Click on the start button and launch control panel.
open control panel
open control panel

Or just take the help of Cortana and type control panel or you can even open run and type control panel.

So, opt for the best convenient way to open control panel. Now after opening c panel now you must select file history.

If you can’t see file history then select the category and small icons there you can see the file history option.

select file history
select file history

Now, just click on File history.

select file history
select file history


In, File history go to the bottom left corner of the corner where you can find System Image Backup.

Backup of windows
Click system image backup.

Click the System Image Back-Up option.

Choose Create a system image option on the left top corner.

Backup of windows 10
Choose create a system image

Now you can choose a location to save your System Image Back-up. You can save it either on a hard disc, or on a DVD or on a network location.

Select where you want to save
Select where you want to save

Select an option and click next to confirm your setting and click on Start to Backup. After that select which drives you want to include in that backup, you can select any drives are all the drives also.

Select drive
Select where you want to save

After you choose your drives to backup just confirm your selection and click start backup and the process will start.

Confirm your backup
Confirm your backup

Now once the backup process is completed the computer will do the rest all for you. Mostly this process takes 10 minutes to 1 hour, it all depends on the amount of data to be backed up. you can minimise the tab and you can carry on other work you want and the computer will be in the normal state only.

So, this is how to keep a back-up for your files. But, we all know that backing up alone is not enough.

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It should be restored also.


How to restore backup files?

To restore your computer from the Backup files either connect the drive where there is Backup located or just browse your folders location where you kept the Backup file.

Reboot your computer with the windows installation media. During the windows setup.

Click Next, after that click the repair in your computer link in the bottom, left a corner of the screen. Click on troubleshoot.

Click Advanced options and Select System Image Recovery. Now you can select the target operating system you want to recover and click next and finish. That’s it. You are done with your backup  files restoration.

This is how you can do to backup and restore your files.

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I hope I was able to explain to you how to make a full backup of windows 10. Please give your experience and suggestion to us. Hope it has helped you

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