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Each and everyone wants traffic for his/her blog or website, and I hope all want to get featured on Yahoo news because of it’s massive traffic but don’t know how.

Finally, I am with an answer to one of my visitor’s question i.e. “How to be featured on Yahoo news?”. So, I will be helping you all with some valuable tips to get featured on Yahoo news.

Yahoo News is one of the most popular news sites; Yahoo news can help us to get lots of traffic. According to a statista, unique users of Yahoo in the US is nearly 180million.

So you can imagine how much traffic you can get if your website or website’s post is published in Yahoo news but you all know very well about today’s competitive world. There are more bloggers and experts in blogging field.

how is it possible for a new or normal blogger to be featured on yahoo news?

Is it possible for a newbie??

A post to be published in Yahoo News is purely yahoo’s choice. Although we can have a slight margin to get the post published. Previously there used to be full chances to get published, but as I said earlier there is a hell of competition these days.

Well, nothing is impossible, right?

But if you take forward your posts with few steps, then it is possible. So, exactly what type of content does Yahoo accepts?

Here it is:

Yahoo News gathers post that is genuine. They don’t consider which are fraudulent because Yahoo maintains its post’s quality to reach their audience. Yahoo always encourages fresh and unique content but if the content is already published on some other website.

Then what does Yahoo do??

Well, it typically checks the quality of the content and provides a value for the quality of the post. I have researched many points before writing this article.

While my research and browsing through various sites, I found that content was outdated except a few points. As all search terms on the internet are within the years 2007–2014, and Yahoo is much forwarded and updated.

This may be the reason that other content writers are not able to maintain pace with Yahoo. So it was a bit difficult for me to get the exact reason to be featured on Yahoo news. So, thereafter I tried to contact yahoo through various possible ways as I questioned in yahoo answers and I emailed them and much more. I did not get a response which I expected but somehow got to know few things.

The essential things were to follow basic search engine rules along with your creative and writing skills. This would help you up to some extent to get featured on Yahoo news.

REMEMBER: Yahoo gives 80% of its news space to press publications and 10% to sponsored sites and the rest 10% is they search for unique content. So you must make use of this 10%.


Press publications
Press publications

So let me explain in detail.

How to get your site featured on Yahoo news:

To get your site featured on Yahoo news, you have to follow these rules

Submit site to Bing Webmaster tools:

First and the foremost thing is to submit a site to Bing Webmaster. As Yahoo webmaster has merged with Bing webmaster and we don’t have individual yahoo webmaster anymore. So you must create a Bing account for your website.

This is the fundamental step to get traffic from both Bing and Yahoo search engines. Although it doesn’t provide traffic like Google, every single visitor is important right?. So you should submit site. To get indexed by bing and yahoo.


Submit sitemap to Bing Webmaster:

After creating a Bing webmaster account, next, you should submit a sitemap. The sitemap is a file which shows the list of webpage’s categories and posts etc. This is used by search engine to understand your site and for visitors to easily navigate any page of your site. So submitting your sitemap is crucial.


Use a sitemap:

I have said earlier to submit a sitemap to the webmaster, and now it’s time to use a sitemap. If a person wishes to see a particular page on your site, then it may be a challenging task to find out that page from so many pages of your site.

So rather the visitor will opt to see your sitemap. Not only the visitor but search engine also see those pages, and by that, they will give the ranking.

Yahoo will see this factors to somewhat because if they came to your site searching any unique content, then they will first see the navigation system of yours. Then only they will proceed to next step so try to do this perfectly. Try to keep any search item on your website to 1 or 2 clicks navigation.

Most of the bloggers know that by using:, the sitemap will be produced.

But new visitors may not know about this. To make navigation easier for your visitors, you should take advantage of the sitemap. And this will somehow help you to maintain the traffic which would follow to yahoo news.


Add Meta Tag:

Meta tags are the best way to inform search engine about your website, and the webmaster uses it. A Meta tag provides all kinds of data about your site. So adding “Meta tags” is one approach to go nearer to yahoo news.

Here Yahoo decides “what is your site about” and get to know about the content and news from your site. Yahoo cross-checks everything and plans whether the posts and site are worth for them or not?

Hence adding Meta tag is useful for both search engine indexing and also for approaching any news sites.


Ask links for your site:

Here is another critical point where one should be careful. Now it’s time to show authority, and here Yahoo searches for authority.

One can show authority to Yahoo by linking your website to other sites. The more sites follow your link, the more authority you will get. This is the important factor for approaching Yahoo. But be careful and make sure to avoid maliciously and spam sites following. This may affect both SEO and your website performance. So be conscious and careful.

If you are using WordPress, then see these Essential WordPress settings. Even if you don’t have a following, you have chances to get published in Yahoo News. The only thing is that by following this step, your chances will be increased.


Try promotional tools:

This is a paid option, and mostly this step is skipped, but if you want to be featured and grow as a Yahoo contributor, then this is the best way. As Yahoo provides a broad range of promotional offers and tools, you can make a difference by using these tools.

This is a must if you’re using an e-commerce siteAs most of the newbie have a budget deficiency and can’t invest then, one can skip this step. Do want to know what kind of promotional tools Yahoo offer: Yahoo promotional tools.


yahoo promotional tools
yahoo promotional tools


Produce unique content:

Apart from being qualitative, your content should be unique. If you do this perfectly, then your post will be published, and if Yahoo finds your post is better or unique content than others, then Yahoo will mail you personally to contribute for them (In rare cases only).

If you have the capacity to produce unique content for which people are crazy about, then definitely you will be having good followers as well as traffic.


Be quick:

If you have a news site or any tech updates site, then you should be fast and more informative than your niche sites to make a way to get published in Yahoo News.

This was exactly the way for my article “Facebook’s interesting approach” to get published in Yahoo News. This post was published much earlier and faster when compared to another site. Although my post appears the only 24hrs and then went back from the news that short period I got most visitors for my site.

Hence, my article got published in Yahoo News by helping to increase my traffic as well as writing this article as an answer to my visitor.

“Who wanted to know how to get featured on Yahoo news?”.

I am thankful to them to make me even confident, and by this I was able to research other aspects as well. Through this, I am also able to learn new things.


Update your site regularly:

Updating your site regularly is the best practice for SEO, Yahoo News, and other news feeds also. Regular updating has increased website traffic and ranking as well.

But we all are busy, Right?

Plan a schedule to post at least 5–10 articles a week. And I should also follow this because this week I have hardly posted a single article. So I am also changing my gears and increasing speed for writing my articles. I hope you will also plan.


Assemble with any press source:

If you have any connection with news channels or you, have any press release. Then you can easily get featured on Yahoo news. Joining some news sources will help you to get featured in Yahoo news because Yahoo gets 80% of posts from these sources only. The only problem is that they are expensive, but it’s beneficial if you have any links to news sources.

On a conversation with Yahoo help, I got to know few things.

Here there are:

yahoo news help articles
yahoo news help articles

If you want to see the link here is the link to that article.

These are the factors that help to get featured on Yahoo news, but it requires time and hard work, keep on trying all these factors. One fine day your article will also be featured.



Don’t go for unnecessary or something not related to the topic. I hope you liked this post and it was helpful. If you feel this article “get featured on Yahoo news” will be useful and worthy, then share it so that others gain something and we get encouraged. Thank you!

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  2. I always used to wonder how other websites get featured on Yahoo news until i found your article via google search. I’ll apply your methods step by step and hopefully, my website will be featured. Thanks for this informative post. Indian bloggers are the best.


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