Google Maps Widget review: The instant loading map for WordPress

google maps widget pro review
google maps widget pro review

Google Maps is one of the famous names in the world of internet, and I don’t have to say any thing about it especially because lots of might already know about the Google maps.

But if you don’t then,

Google maps nothing but a web mapping service which can offer satellite imagery directly you can often see your street view or location view and route planning for travelling when you are going either by foot or by any means of transport it can show you the way.

This particular technology was started in 2004 when the Jens Elistrup Rasmussen and Lars wrote the C++ Program itself. It was then acquired and developed by the Google.

Google maps have some huge turn around since it acquired that, you can see the street maps with the 360 panoramic view and it also enables to take a virtual walk throughout the world. Google maps other feature Google traffic will show you the real-time traffic conditions. You can directly measure differences and do more things with this amazing Google Maps.


Why Embed a Google Map on your Website:

As we are staying the modern age, people really don’t want to waste their precious time in figuring out a business address or a store location.  So people always want to see anything faster and better, so it is always a best practice to embed your business location in your website.

Because it can show your address and also by the help of the Google Maps people can measure the distance between them and your business store, and if they are interested in coming to your store then they can see the map and they quickly travel to your store.

This is mostly important for all the business who strives to increase their activities and also who encourages and attracts customers to go to their local stores. By opting and integrating the Google Maps on your website, you can always stay ahead of the competition. So it would be a great amount of deal for all the companies, small stores, business, etc.


google maps
google maps

Now if you are looking to add Google Maps on your WordPress site, then you can get many plugins, but the only widget which loads with blazing speed is Google Maps Pro Widget.

In this article, I am going to say about the review of Instant Google Map access widget that is nothing but the Google Maps Pro Widget Review.

If you are wondering what Google Maps Pro Widget Review is and how to use it then don’t be in a hurry I am going to tell everything about it.


What is Google Maps Widget Pro?

google maps widget
Google maps widget

Google Maps Widget Pro is a WordPress plugin which helps you to create a map for your WordPress sites in just under one minute. It is one of the fastest loading Google Maps plugins which is presently available in WordPress. It is having over 100,000 active users and also having thousands of people who love Google Maps Widget Pro.

Now let’s have a glance at the features of the Google Maps Widgets Pro:

Features of Google Maps Widgets:

Google Maps Widget Pro has some impressive features which are built into the plugin. These impressive features help you to use this plugin efficient and make your sites loads faster maps.

  • Google Maps Widget Pro is readily available in both the free and premium versions as well.
  • It has the multiple thumbnail image formats which include the Jpg, Gif, and Png.
  • This Plugin supports all kinds of multiple pins and custom pin bubbles.
  • If you want to create any map you create them easily with this plugin.
  • This Plugin is having more than the 1500 pins.
  •  Some hidden sidebar widget where you can quickly set up and handle all the shortcodes.
  • It is having the four different thumbnail and interactive map modes.
  • This plugin has multiple thumbnail map colours where you can use them as you like
  • It has fully customized and controlled thumbnail maps, and they are very interactive.
  • Full-screen lightbox support can be used to make your maps interactive.
  • You can place the shortcodes anywhere on your site.
  • You can export and import widget tools and settings.
  • It lets you optimize the JS, and CSS and those brings the blazing loading speed.

These are the few best features along with this it has other features as well.

Google Maps Widget Pro Version Features:

google maps widget pro version features
google maps widget pro version features

Along with the above features, pro version has some best options as well. The pro version is having this specification apart from free version:

  • It is very Easy to use, and it has some useful user interface.
  • This plugin increases your speed of your site, and it loads instantly with only one request instead of 50+ requests.
  • Google Maps Widget has unlimited maps and pins available you create as many as you like.
  • This can be easily integrated with any site, and it will work efficiently with HTML and CSS as well.
  • It has the premium quality support, and you can solve any problem under 2-3 hours.
  • You will get some other blazing options with this premium version.

Now, we have talked about features so let’s jump into the installation process of the Google Maps

Installation of Google Maps widget pro plugin:

The installation of the Google Maps Widget Pro plugin is similar to the other plugin installations. All you have to do is follow these easy steps.

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Hover over to the left side menu and click on the plugins.
google maps widget pro review
Google maps widget pro review
  • Click on Plugins – ADD NEW — Search for “Google Maps Pro Widget.”
google maps widget pro
google maps widget pro
  • Just click on the install button and activate the plugin.
  • After activating the plugin it time to open the Google Maps Widget Pro.
  • You can open it by going to the settings – Google Maps Widget.
  • Here the first thing you have to do is enter the Google Maps API keys, and you can see the clear process of embedding here in this article “How to embed Google map into WordPress.
Google Maps Api
Google Maps API
  • If you don’t bother learning it then thankfully you can easily create the API Key on Google developer console. Here is the Detailed Process.
  • Now once you get the API, Just paste that in blank space and click the Test API Key. If it is correct, then it will display confirmation messages that “The API key is OK and don’t forget to save it” if you get this then it’s all going well.
  • Click on ok. Google maps widget pro is configured automatically, now you can track the map activities of your map in Google Analytics as the Events.
  • Here all you have to do is select the Checkbox “track with Google Analytics”, and then you can click on the Save changes. You settings will be updated and saved.
google maps settings
Google maps settings
  • After customizing the settings you can add the google maps widget to your site by just hovering over to the Appearance – Widgets
  • You can find the Google Maps Widget now drag and drop your widget after you were done that you can see many options to configure the maps, just enter the map address, and its size and you can select the pin colour and type and finally click on Save.

That’s it you have added Google maps to your sites easily.

Wrapping Up:

If you are having any business or services online which are having local stores and branches, then you should concentrate on adding a map to gain more attention to your business.

The Best Google Maps widget for your site which loads instantly is google maps widget pro you have seen the Google Maps pro widget review just now and by considering you know the features of the plugin. So, I recommend this plugin, and this plugin has over 1 million downloads and thousands of fans.

If you want to make more out of it, then you can use the pro version of the Google maps pro widget. This is

Here is the pricing of the pro version.

google maps widget pricing
Google maps widget pricing

Taking this plugin pro version will be pretty useful for businesses, Rest is up to you. If you don’t want to pay some money, then you can use the free version of it. This is it if you have anything to say about this review let me know your views in comment section.

This is it if you have anything to say about this review let me know your views in comment section.

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