Google penguin 4.0 may come in mid 2016 as per John Mueller

google penguin
Google penguin 4.0 may come in mid 2016

Google is preparing to launch its google penguin 4.0 sooner, Hey, you may think that is this information true or some crazy rumor.

No, it is true but it’s not official yet.

Google penguin, I think most of the blogger know about Google’s Penguin right,

If you just don’t Here is somewhat information about Google penguin:

Google Penguin is a Google’s algorithm update which was first released on April 24, 2012. This algorithm update is targeted to all those sites which are violating the Google webmaster guidelines and using all crazy hacks.

These updates have decreased the search engine ranking of all the violated websites and simply decrease their organic traffic, by this update so many sites which neglected and violated the Google guidelines carried a huge loss in traffic as well as their income source.






You can see it has been a while,

Most of the news came in between that penguin will definitely release in 2015, and in some cases, they said it will take time.

But here it comes Google penguin update 4.0 version will be on the ground soon.

In 2016, the seventh update of Google Penguin 4.0 will be released.

Often this is not officially,


Google Penguin News by Google Webmaster Trends Analysts:

John Mueller has said that he is confident, that there will Penguin 4.0 launch in ending of January 2016.

He has said this information in a Google webmaster Central office hour’s hangout on Dec 11th, 2015, on 18:40 show.

Previously there was a conversation between

“Andrew Isadora and Google webmaster analyst Gary IIIyes about this topic and Gary said his thoughts that we would mostly see the up

Google penguin 4.0
Google penguin 4.0

date soon,

The update is almost nearer to completion but the date of release is still unknown at the moment.

Google penguin conversation
Google penguin conversation

So, Most of the site owners after seeing this they are busy checking their spam links and all the site stats.

If you are having any spam and low-quality links you better be aware of this latest version of Penguin 4.0. As Google Penguin will be coming out soon as we enter into the new and fresh year 2016.

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