Hackers can hack your facebook account by phone number

Hack your facebook accounts
Hack your facebook accounts

Hackers can now hack your Facebook account by phone number; this is the latest technique in hacking. Hackers have made use of “SS7” bug to exploit the Facebook accounts and steal their accounts from them.

Each and everyone wants to keep their social media accounts very safe, and we’ll try to make a stronger password to protect their network, if you forget a password, then we’ll just reset it by an SMS because we think it’s safe, and it will come to our mobile.
But now things have changed, and a lot can happen, and this has been a treat.

Let me explain how hacker can actually hack your account by phone number:

According to positive technologies, hackers who has skills to exploit ss7 network can hack any facebook account by finding their phone number, no matter how strongest password they keep or enable any extra security measures, also cannot help them.
It’s not a joke, and I am not kidding, hackers now made use of a bug in ss7 to target Facebook accounts, and that too they don’t need to work for hours, they can do hacking in just a span of 3 minutes which is faster than ever. Just they should have a proper knowledge to exploit ss7.
Are you wondering what’s ss7- Then ss7 is a “signalling system 7” it’s architecture which performs signalling in support of the call, billing and transferring calls sections, and mostly the information exchange functions of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

This signalling protocol is being used by more than 800 telecommunication operators to exchange their info with each other by enabling roaming and other features.

Now, hackers who can exploit the ss7 servers can easily hack any Facebook account with the help of its phone number.

Here’s how to hack any facebook account with that ss7 technique:

  • Fist and foremost thing, if a hacker got your phone number, then he will just try to login to your account with any invalid credentials.
  • Now, secondly, he will opt for “forget password”.
  • Here where the process starts, Now it will show two options, and he will just opt for authentication code through SMS.
Hack your facebook account
Hack your Facebook account
  • The hacker will now start intercepts it by exploiting the bug in ss7, and he will conduct an attack via the SS7 network and gets the subscriber’s data.

Usually, it’s not that easy to get subscriber or customer’s data, but if a hacker now’s the technique, then they can have access to it easily.

  • The hacker exploits the ss7 bug to track a subscriber home network and register it with a fake roaming network. Then if he enables that, then he will be able to receive all the customers’ calls and text.
  • Now he will request the security code, and he will receive it through the ss7 scanner and obtain the SMS and easily enters in the access page.
  • Then he will set a new password, and he will gain access to these accounts, and then he can take your info and everything from your facebook id.


How to protect your Facebook account from this treat:

There is a change to protect your account, the first and foremost the users must do, Is not to publish your phone numbers on any kind of public resources, instead of keeping their phone number you can opt email to recover your Facebook as well as other social media accounts.

: How to secure your Facebook from hackers in 2016

It’s better always to opt for two steps verification, and also don’t give your phone number to any social network, and if you gave it just keep it hidden from others.

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  1. Thanks Aswini !

    Good & secure information for every facebook users to keep their account more secure from avoid adding phone number. Yes avoid adding both email id + phone number will make our account more safe from hackers. Will change opt setting to remove my personal information.

    Thanks for sharing ! Keep Sharing !!


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