6 Useful Resources to Create High Converting Landing Pages

High converting landing pages
High converting landing pages

Everyone wants to increase their conversions and sales to improve their business standards. But most of you might don’t know “how to create high converting landing pages.”

Here I will help you to create high converting landing pages.

But before that,

You must have seen that most of the bloggers and marketers focus on driving traffic to their website. But they aren’t seeing whether they are managing to convert them into action which they want to take.

We are living in a digitalized world, and here conversions are highly necessary for the business existing and for the marketer’s comforts as well.

Now, if you want to increase your conversion, then you should concentrate on creating high converting landing pages to boost your conversions.

Is it that easy to create a high converting landing pages?

Previously, it used to be tough for bloggers and marketers to build a landing page. But as the technology is improving day by day, we can easily create landing pages.

Now, if you want to create a high converting landing page, then you should spend some amount on getting the perfect tools to create high converting pages. Because you can’t create a high converting landing page for free.

According to the HubSpot, 48% of marketers design a new landing page for each campaign.

To make your work more compact,

Here I will say about the 6 premium resources which help you to create a high converting landing page.

Long tail pro the best keyword research tool:

Long tail keyword pro
Long tail keyword pro

In today’s age of social interactions, people are really sick of seeing the continuous irrelevant ads. You can be the advertiser who understands your audience by creating relevant ads and landing pages.

But this can only happen through a proper keyword research tool. As you know short tail keywords are having a lot of competition, so try long tail keywords which are specific to your customer’s requirements.

So, here I recommend long tail pro tool because it is the best keyword research tool and thousands of people use it. So you can use it to create a high converting landing page.

With long tail pro, you can easily get a list of long tail keywords in just a minute. Use long tail pro to track your competitor’s results and keyword’s ranking positions. You can also track the difficulty of the keyword in top 10 Google search results.

Long tail pro offers sort niches by different sets of keywords and also tracks your favourites within projects so that you can revisit them later to get insights.

Real time filtering feature is the best of the long tail pro because it filters keyword results by CPC, advertiser competition, local searches, by keyword competitiveness and number of words.

Features of long tail pro:

  • Accessibility to thousands of keywords in just a few minutes.
  • Free access to all future updates.
  • You can look for keyword ideas with up to 5 seed keywords.
  • Search by country, language, and network.
  • Visibility for average Amazon reviews for each keyword (Top 10 products for that keyword)
  • You can see the advertiser competition and all the stats that help you determine who you need to beat and how you can beat them.
  • The local search number for the country and network you plugged in is also visible.
  • Get a suggested bid if you are thinking about advertising for keywords.
  • Able to check the average competitiveness for each keyword.
  • Installation the Long Tail Pro software on up to 3 computers.
  • You can check where you rank for certain keywords in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

These are the some of the best features of the long tail pro. If you are interested in taking long tail pro discount, then you can grab this breathtaking deal.

Long tail pro– Annual starter plan Just of $25, and Pro plan for $45.

After selecting perfect matched long tail keyword from a long tail pro. You can start creating a fantastic landing page.

Next, is Thrive Themes Discount Coupon Code 2017, thrive themes review and features.

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Thrive Landing page builder helps you create high converting landing pages:

thrive helps to create high converting landing pages
thrive content builder

Thrive landing page is one of the best and easiest plugins which is trusted by a lot of clients online. It’s a remarkable tool which comes with the smooth drag and drops editor and also with a huge selection of the best and engaging templates.

Thrive page builder directly helps you to customise your landing pages with its native functionality of drag and drop editor. You can choose as many as templates to edit and design your own landing page.

If you are having any idea about what to create then, you can build your landing page from the scratch. Thrive is currently having 157 amazing templates, where you can choose and opt out for best one. All the templates will work perfectly, and they are designed logically and carefully with conversion optimised design language.

As a marketer, you can create flawless and high converting landing pages that take your audience all the way from signup form to purchase and to download the product and more.

You can easily create sales pages, thank you page, confirmation pages, webinars and more from thrive landing page builder. And the most important thing is it’s very fast because the pages created with thrive landing pages are very light and nimble so that they load quickly and convert more.


  • 157+ templates amazing and conversion optimised pages.
  • Creation of custom page layouts within inner parts of your theme, or you can start from a completely blank page.
  • Customization of almost every aspect of your landing pages.
  • It’s having both undo and redo functionality.
  • The pages are designed with a very light code so that it loads faster.
  • Plenty of conversions focused elements you can add to your landing pages.
  • It supports external shortcodes within the editor.
  • You can edit both pages and posts.
  • Editor loads fast which makes customization straight forward.

If you want to get most, then you should buy it because it’s really worthy. You can get this for $67.

After creating an amazing landing page let’s jump into a plugin which easily supports form in WordPress to make your landing page more attractive.

Optin form plugin:

Optin form plugin
Optin form plugin

Optin form is rising plugin which allows you to create stunning optin forms for your blog and websites. Previously, if you want to create a form or something for the webpage, you have to do it on your own by placing your hands on coding.

But now, you don’t have to know about any HTML or CSS by using this super easy plugin for WordPress. Optin form comes with five beautiful style designs which you can easily customise.

To create all you have to do is select your email provider and just pick a form design. Customise according to your preference easily and add your form to your blog post or pages with mouse-click. If you want for the only specific page or a specific post, then you can use a shortcode to add to it.

Optin form works with almost all the top email marketing solutions:

  • Aweber.
  • Mail chimp.
  • Get response.
  • I Contact.
  • Covert kit.
  • Mad Mimi Etc.

Now up to this, you have created everything perfect, now let’s move into the crucial step that is the engaging content.

Content mart:

Content mart to get quality content
Content mart

Content is always a king, and without content, you can’t even get any response from the crowd. So, let’s try to create engaging content. For that, you can use content Mart – one place to get a quality writer.

Content Mart is the best site which produces quality content for your business needs. It is a platform where it connects thousands of national and international clients with the experience and talented copywriters across the globe. It offers more than 50368 writers, and it’s having 51869 customers register with them.

Content Mart features:

  • Access to thousands of qualified copywriters.
  • You can check writer’s reputation, reviews, and portfolios and you can even judge by writer’s experience.
  • It has the built-in checks for uniqueness.
  • Content Mart doesn’t charge extra money you can to pay your writer directly.
  • Offers 100% refund if the content doesn’t match your requirements
  • Their company is fully registered and licensed project.
  • It has automated payment systems for writers.

If you have any queries or need help, then their support team will be helping you in a user-friendly manner.

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optimizely tool helps to create high converting landing pages
optimizely best analytics tools

Optimizely is an enterprise-level A/B testing and personalization tool for the web and mobile apps. It keeps tracking your customers changing behaviour. You can drive massive results from your existing traffic and current investments without doing any promotions which cost money.

It just unlocks the creativity within your organisation and personalise changes to improve your customer’s experiences finally and also to grow your revenue. Finally after completing all the above steps you have to analyse, record and other activates by your visitors.

Now for these, you should choose.


inspectlet helps to create high converting landing pages
inspectlet helps to create high converting landing pages

Inspectlet is the best tool which helps you to watch every individual visitor who use your site as if you’re looking over their shoulders. It easily records videos of your visitors when they use your site, and it gives an opportunity for you to go through the activities they do on your site.

You can see every movement of your visitors including scroll, click and keypress on your site. Simply you need to have to worry about how the visitors are using your site.

Features of inspletlet:

  • Records each and every movement of your visitors.
  • Analysis of your site with video analysis.
  • Ability to track clicks, scrolls and keywords searched on your site.
  • Has powerful filtering features where you can find videos of new visitors from AdWords that bought on your site.
  • Help to find why people are dropping off from your site without taking action.
  • Tag your sessions and users using JavaScript tagging API.
  • Find out where your visitors are looking at through using “eye-tracking heat maps.”

Finally, all these 6 premium resources will help you to create high converting landing pages.


These are the six premium resources which help you to create high converting landing pages. Along with these, you should use the creative blog titles to attract your visitors you can easily use creative title generators tools. So that you can create high converting landing pages easily. Go and start Creating your high converting landing pages and get more sales for your business. I hope you have liked this article. If you have any queries just comment us below, I’d love to hear your feedback.

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