History of blogging – A blogger must know about

history of blogging
history of blogging

History of Blogging:

There is an enormous increase in blogging, and this has occurred from past few years. Many bloggers have chosen to blog as a career. But do those bloggers know about the history of blogging?

Do any bloggers know about the history of blogging?

If they don’t then why did they choose to blog as your career?

It is always a bit awkward. So, If you don’t know, then it is atrocious because starting a thing without knowing its past is always the worst experience. So let me walk you through the history of blogging.

Let’s talk about the history of blogging,

It was almost 20years back when blogging got originated. The term blogging is coined in late 90’s.

Blogging had many digitalized ancestors (so-called precursors) to it. During those days, blogs were primarily for news or bulletin updates by the journals.

It was in 1983 Usenet (worldwide distributed discussion system) was a popular media forum, which allowed all newsgroup for conversation and to posts.

Later on, various newsgroups were started.

The term world wide web was coined in the early 90s by Tim Berner-Lee, and he defined the first standards of HTML and URL.

After that, it was the beginning of the modern blog which raised in the form of an online diary, here the people usually used to have a blog about their personal lives.


Justin Hall was one of the well-recognized bloggers during those days (around 1994). Hall blogged for almost 11 years as a student at Swarthmore College where he was intensely blogging about his personal life.


Steve Gibson is one of the bloggers who was hired by Ritual Entertainment to be a full-time blogger in 1997. John Barger coined the term weblog(weblog) in 1997, but later Peter Merholz split the word as a weblog and remained blog finally.


In late 1990’s there was a growth of bloggers, as there were various tools developed used for web publishing which helped the non-technical people. There were various blogs such as SlashDot, Open Diary, etc.

By August 1999, Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan launched blogger.com which was later owned by  google on 2003.


In 2000’s the blogs are only limited to personal lives. After that, it has spread to country politics, televised events, sports, weather reports. The blog turned to be an important media.

Now with the growing technology, many blogs, as well as bloggers, have been increasing. The tools released are facilitating to create new blogs and to update quickly and easily. With advanced technology a person who wishes to be a blogger doesn’t need to have any knowledge of HTML or PHP.

The websites such as wordpress.com and blogger.com allow creating a blog for free of cost.


History of Blogging Infographics:

I mentioned more briefly about blogger and other sites in this infographics.

History of blogging
History of blogging


Future of Blogs:

As the days progress internet and its users are increasing. As the web is spreading its wings around the globe, blogs will also become famous. Now blogging has turned into a great business and a good source of income.

This blogging has turned into a good career option. Apart from that lots of people are finding growth. That’s the main reason why most of the people are choosing to blog as their careers. In upcoming days, Blogging will be extending its wings more in the future and modern eras.


This is all about the history of blogging. I hope this article helped all the would be bloggers and bloggers to know about the history of blogging which they chose as careers.

If you are having any doubts or queries reading this topic history of blogging article, then you are always welcome to do that. We’d love to see your comments on our blog.

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