How to bold italic and strike through your whats app messages

How to bold on whats app
How to bold on whats app

Whatsapp has rolled out a new update in which you can simply stylize your fonts like Microsoft word.

You can simply bold your text , Italicised your text and also strikethrough your text, These are the new and fresh ability of the Whats App latest update.

This facebook owned messaging service has just already had its own remark on the users as the best app, and now by releasing this new update it’s even becoming more useful for users who want to format their text.

These new features were first tested in beta, but later it is now available for all its users who are running on 2.12.17 or more in IOS and in android its version is 2.12.535.

This update should automatically download the required loops of text and its functions.

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How to use these hidden options in whats app:

For bold , you must add asterisks to either side of your text, ex: *bold*

To Italicise your text, add underscores either side of your text, ex: *_italics_

To strikethrough text, add tilde either side of your text, ex: ~tilde~


It’s also possible to combine the new formats, such as _*bolditalics*_


This new upgrade demonstrates how Whats App is becoming a best and easiest way to write and it’s also becoming ever closer to a full word processing platform like Microsoft office.

Another new feature of this update is the ability to share documents from your google drive, by selecting share.

Share > Document > More > Google Drive (you must get permission to access to your drive.)

You can easily share documents from google drive, but you must get permission to access your drive.

Then you can easily share your documents from it.

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This is all about the whats app new update you can have a chill out with these tips and you can format your text in your own ways and enjoy chatting with your friends and family.

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