How to create gif from any video’s and pic’s easily

How to create gif
How to create gif

Actually, In our day to day life, people are mostly spending their time with their mobile and social networking sites.

Though they may work, but now a day’s we all got used to connect with social media, at least, one’s a day.

Evey one wants to be something special or somewhat different than others in their social network. As a result, we can see lots and lots of images, videos and mostly Gif these days.

Now some will try to search for the best Gif, some will have a thought in their mind to make this type of Gif but they just skip because they don’t know how to create so for all of them here are the easiest ways to create a Gif in all methods.

You can create your own Gif or can make a Gif from videos in the span of two minutes.

So let’s start about learning what is a gif. then how to create it.


What is Gif?


Gif is defined as “Graphic Interchange format” and it is widely used from the past.

Actually, Gif introduced by Compuserve information service (CIS) in 1987 and since then Gif has entered into the world of internet.

This Gif format supports up to 8bits for each image and it also supports animation. This gif can be easily shared and conveys the expression very quickly and it also the indication of  the person emotions or sense or brand related info.


How to create Gif through image:

There are a number of online gif makers out there on the web and it’s easy to create a Gif with your pics.

Some of the sites are,, etc.


Step1:  To create your own Gif through online gif makers. first, you must upload the pics you want to turn into a gif.

add pics to gif
add pics to gif

Step2: Next, drag and drop the images and arrange them according to your wish.


Step 3: if you want to change width, height or crop the pic  you can do it easily.

Customize Gif
Customize Gif

Step4:  You must set the time and speed of the gif that’s it.

Step5: After everything is done then click generate Gif or create a Gif. Then download it or share it directly.



How to Create Gif from our own Videos:


Step 1: Upload your video to or another online video to gif.

Step 2: Adjust start time and end time of your video to create a gif.

How to create gif
How to create gif

Step 3:  You can add any caption if you want.

Step 4: set speed and click generate gif.

Step 5: Download it or share it with your friends.


How to create a Gif for Youtube videos:

It’s a dead easily process and it’s simply like making a two minutes noodles it’s that easy. So let go straight to prepare your own funny or serious or any emotions gif.


Step1: First of all select the video which you want to make a gif from.

Step2: Simply Add GIF “ to the beginning of the video URL. That means “after www.” And before “youtube”.


Here is an example:

How to create gif
type gif before the link


like this:

Like this
Like this

Step3: Now after that it will take to a new window to configure your video.

Step4: Here you can add a caption, and adjust your start and end time of Gif.

How to create gif
Creating gif

Step5: Click on create Gif and enjoy the Gif.

That’s it.


Hope you all liked this post.

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