How to hide files and folder in windows 10 (all methods including image)

How to hide files in windows 10
How to hide files in windows 10

Most of us will have a file or folder with us which we want to keep away from others users of our computer, some may know how to hide files but some may be wondering how to hide files perfectly.

Why most of them want to hide files?

If the computer is at home, then they may have some files to hide from their parents, brother or sister (for ex: Lover’s pics, letters etc.)

If it is at school, college or office then they want to keep their personal files away from their friends and colleagues.


What you will do in that sort of situation???

Mostly, People will keep personal stuff on their own pc’s but in most of the cases, they are not only the one who will access personal pc’s sometimes their elders may use it, or friends may use etc.

Maybe there’s a file they want to keep it on their computer but they simply don’t want other users to access it,

Or maybe they are just worried about keeping a personal file or folder from others sight.


So in that cases you can hide the files on your PC:

But mostly all of them know about the simply hiding process but how to keep it more secure, rather than just using the easy and simply hiding process.


In this article you will get to know about:

  • How to hide files in windows 10 (simple process).
  • How to hide information in an image.
  • How to encrypt any file or folder.
  • How to encrypt the whole hard drive.
  • How to keep others from your file by an effective trick.


Let’s began our journey:


How to hide files in windows 10 (Simple process):

Hiding a file in windows only takes a few seconds. This is the universal know process and it’s dead easy to find that file by anyone who knows a bit about the system.


Step1: Open file explorer in windows —- Then select files or folders you’d like to hide.

If you want to select all the items simply press Ctrl key and A, if you want to select then just hold Ctrl key and select them.


Step2: Then click –view at the top of the window to reveal that section of settings, where you can hide selected items.

How to hide files in windows
How to hide files in windows


Step3: Now, Click a button – Hide selected items. You won’t see the files – unless your computer is set not to show hidden files.

How to hide files in windows
How to hide files in windows

Step4: If you want to unhide files then just beside hiding selected items then is small check box saying that hidden items. Check that box to show hidden items and uncheck it to hide.

How to hide files in windows
How to hide files in windows

This step is a universal step which can be easily found by others so let’s jump into other section of hiding.


How to hide files and folders inside an image:

This is an advanced way to hide files simply no one will find these type of tricks. So it’s the best and secure way to store your files.

This process of hiding files in an image usually called as “steganography”.

Here the actual files become hidden within an image file and hence become more protected and image functions normally as it is previously opened.


Let’s see the trick:

This is a process which takes a couple of minutes of time.


Step 1: First of all, create a new folder anywhere in your system.

Now, remember that path: so here I created it in my E: drive. So its path is “E: ”.

How to hide files in an image
How to hide files in an image

You can name the folder as you wish — But as you’re certainly new with this trick I just named it as a new folder.

Step 2:  Here is second step, You must create a new folder again, this time, create a folder on your desktop and just copy all the files which you want to hide in that folder.

How to hide files in an image
How to hide files in an image

Whether it may be image or doc or .txt or any file or folder just copy them into the — Newly created “new folder” on the desktop.


Step 3:  After selecting all those files just compress them with the help of WinRAR or WinZip or 7zip software.

If you don’t know how to compress just click all the files you want to hide.

How to hide files in an image
How to hide files in an image

And simply right click, there you will find options in that —- select — “add to archive”.

A window will appear then just — rename it if you really want to rename.


How to hide files in an image
How to hide files in an image

Don’t set a password it’s not necessary. But if you still want to be more secure that you can set password also.


Step 4:  Cut and Paste your compressed folder in the new folder which we created in E drive, that’s the first step.

How to hide files in an image
How to hide files in an image


Step 5:  Now pick an image which you want to hide the files.  And just copy and paste the image into the new folder created in E drive.

pick an image and copy in the new folder
pick an image and copy in the new folder


Step6:  Just remember the folder location path and file names.

Now, go to start menu and search for cmd or command prompt.

How to hide files in windows
Run as administrator

And, right-click on the cmd icon and select “Run as administrator”.


Step 7:  Now we successfully opened command prompt, let’s give some commands to make your files secure.

So, first of all, cmd will show C:windowssystem32 this is basic path cmd will begin.


How to hide files in windows
Open Command prompt


Now we must change the path toE: Because our files are in E: drive. So, just type E: – and hit enter.


Step 8: Now you can see E: drive opened, right now we must open our folder where our files are there,

To open the folder, we will use a command “cd” – folder name — like this: cd new folder.

How to hide files in windows
Command prompt

And then the new folder is opened successfully.

This is a crucial step where we will hide our files inside the image.

Step 9:  Type this syntax to execute this command.

General Syntax: “copy /b image name+ compressed file name image name” and hit “Enter”.

Here copy indicates to copy the files into your images.

Copy the syntax
Copy the syntax

Since my compressed file name is “myvash.rar” and image name is “blog.jpg” type exact names as follows:

Copy /b blog.jpg+myvash.rar blog.jpg and hit enter.

We are done, you have successfully hidden your files inside your image. You can check it by looking at your image.

Let’s find out.

Now go and check your image size it will double but remember if anybody opens it, it will only image. If you want to see the inner files you must open your image with WinRAR or WinZip.


Open the image with WinZip or WinRAR
Open the image with WinZip or WinRAR

Then you can find your files.


How to encrypt a file or folder:

This is another simple way to protect a file from being exposed by other users. Simply it is a password protected method. We can use this either by WinRAR or 7zip easily.

Here both WinRAR and 7zip are a free program for opening and creating compressed files.


Step 1:  Just select the files or folders which you want to hide.


Step 2: Then right click on the selected then you will find options.

How to hide files in an image
How to hide files in an image

Step 3: There select “add to archive” option.

Step 4: There you will find a menu bar, there you can simply set your password.

How to hide files in an image
How to hide files in an image


Step 5: And click ok then onward we must type the password to view those files.

Some other tactics where you can be smart with hiding.

Rename a file with the wrong extension:

This is another quick and easy trick if you really want to confuse people and keep away from opening your files.

Rename the extension. If you rename a text then there is a chance of opening it.

If you rename the extension then it will change its format and it will show an error message to them so you can be happy with this trick. For suppose if you are having .doc file then saves it as .jpg, then when anyone opens it, it will just show an error message to them.

Just rename the file with an incorrect format where the file will never open.

If they open it will be displayed like this:

Rename Extension
Rename Extension

While converting it you will get an error message not to convert it, but you can reconvert it later so just be brave.


Encrypt your entire hard drive:


This is the old process by powerful process if you want a full security for your system.

There are several options and software’s to do this, but in this, we will use a default feature “Bit locker service”. Just hover your mouse to start menu and type bit locker you can find it.

You can use bit locker to encrypt your entire hard drive which requires users to enter the password in order to access any file in the system.

How to encrypt your hard drive
How to encrypt your hard drive

Even when you’re hard drive is stolen then also you will save your data, They must type your password in order to access that, but you must be careful of this process because if your password is missed then you will fell in a whole lot of trouble.

This is how you can hide your files or folders in windows 10 and these methods will also work for window 7,8,8.1 also.

If you have any doubts shoot me an email through the contact us page or comment us.

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