How to secure your facebook account from hackers in 2016

How to secure your facebook account
How to secure your facebook account

How to secure your facebook account from hackers? this is the question which often follows the facebook users.

As you all know,

Facebook has become the “no. 1 social networking site” on the Internet and I am pretty sure that you are the one in those millions of users who like and use facebook.

As you may be heard, that in 2016 facebook has reached an 800 million users using their messenger app on their mobile phones.


Isn’t that huge amount:

Yes, it is a huge amount, it’s pretty bigger than other social networking sites almost like a world’s largest religion.

As the users increase the hackers are also increasing day-by-day and targeting many facebooks account online.




“As we can see your friends or family members post that my account is hacked by someone and posting all weird stuff and doing some illegal activities”.

And many of them are worried about secrets message in their account and some worry about their privacy. If at all your account gets access by hackers then it’s going to open a worst case scenario for us.

So we should seriously try to secure our facebook account from hackers and unwanted access to your account.


Now let’s see:

How to secure your facebook account from hackers:

There are many ways to secure your facebook account from hackers and in this article, I will cover all the best and easiest ways to keep yourself safe and away from hackers.


Log out after using facebook:

Yes, the easiest way to secure your facebook account and to keep most of them away from your account is logging out of your device after you finish your work.

Can’t get it, am I rushing towards topic, well let me tell in a clear way,

Every sing day we access facebook as many time as we could and we may access facebook from various devices like mobile phone, computer, laptop and office PC, Internet store etc.

Every time when access from those devices we may leave your “facebook account on” without logging out.

So there is a chance for someone to access your account. That’s why we must log out from another device.


Create Strong Password:

This is an utmost step in the whole internet itself, whether it may facebook or Gmail, TwitterLinkedIn etc.

This step not only secures your other account but also secure your facebook account. We must create a secure password in order to be brave and strong from hacker’s attack.

Most of them will have a practice that they will keep same passwords for many accounts.But in this digital age, it’s absolutely a bad practice, we should vary our passwords for each and every online account.

We never know if one of the accounts is hacked by a hacker then he will try the same password on another network if we use the same password then he will get access to all your accounts.So it’s better to vary your passwords in your online presence.


To Change your password, go to Account Settings > General > Password.

Secure your facebook account
Secure your facebook account


The best practices of keeping hackers away are:

  • We must change our password for at least one time for every 3-6 months.
  • We must use the combination of small letters, capital letters, numbers and symbols to make a perfect and strong password.
  • Try to avoid your pet names, real names, and all the know stuff about you.
  • Try to avoid keeping only numbers or only alphabets.


Confirm your mobile number:

Adding a mobile number is always a best practice to keep your account safe, Most of them don’t want to share their number with others, So if you are the one in that list then just hide your mobile number and keep it personal.

But confirming your mobile number is the best way to enhance your account security on facebook.

This way even helps you if you lose or forget your password at any time.

Facebook will be able to send you a new reset code via SMS.


To add your phone number, Just go to Account Settings > Mobile > and click on Add a Phone.


Add a mobile number
Add a mobile number


Select your country and set the mobile carrier (sim operator) and then click next.


Choose your country and Sim operator
Choose your country and Sim operator


Now, they will be a box saying that “Activate Facebook Text”.

What we have to do is, just send an SMS with the text “F” to the given number in my case its “51555”. 

Just wait for few minutes until you get the code. Once you get an SMS from facebook, then just type the code.

You can also see the option “Share your phone number with my friends” – This means facebook will share your mobile number with your friend’s list members.

If you want yourself private from them, then just leave it unchecked, if you want to share then click on the box.

The second option: “Allow friends to text me from facebook” – This means they can text you from their facebook to your mobile number.

Secure your facebook account
Secure your facebook account

If you want to choose the option check the box or else leave as unchecked.

Now, click next.

Now your mobile number is registered with facebook and when you need the connection will be useful to reactive your facebook account or reset your facebook password.


Activate “Login Alerts”:

Login alerts are the best practice to get notified when anyone logs into your account.

Facebook instantly send your notification when you log into your account from a new device or browsers.

So notification is a very handy tool, You will get notifications alerts straight into your email and also into your facebook.

To activate login alerts:  Settings > Security > Login Alerts and click on edit.


Activate login alerts
Activate login alerts


Find out, where you’re logged in from:

This is a good thing about facebook, it lets you know your previous active sections, where you logged in from, and what device you logged in from and which place you are logging from and it will displace with date and time as well.

It’s better to make sure your account is safe from other sessions.

To see active sessions just go to – Settings > Security > Where you’re logged in and click on edit there you can see your last session.


Secure facebook account
Secure facebook account


Don’t ever do “Keep me logged in”:

This is the common practice by many people online, but don’t ever do this because there will be a lot of trouble with hackers.

When you log in to your facebook account, at the login page there will be a small check box that says keep me logged in. Make sure this box is unchecked. Then, log in as usual.

With this, you will be asked for you facebook id and password every time to its better to do it. If we don’t then someone will definitely get access to that,

You may think how,

Let me explain: Whenever you hit that buttons then your facebook will be in until you sign out or until your clear your browser cookies.

Meanwhile, when you leave that without doing those both, any person may use it simply by clicking facebook and your account will be opened. There is no need of entering password or id.

Do not keep logged in
Do not keep logged in

So we must not check “Keep me logged in”.


Code Generator options:

Facebook offer you a code generator from your mobile phone, this is useful in some cases.

You can use code generator option Settings > Security > Code Generator > then click on edit.


Facebook security
Facebook security


There will option, we can either disable these settings or enable these settings. If you still didn’t enable then just click “Enable”.

Then there will be a popup saying that “Turn on Security codes”.

Now to activate we should have a Facebook Mobile App if still not having that you can download it from Google Play. After downloading in your mobile install it and Launch the app and log in to your account.

Then tap on Menu > Account > Code Generator > Add App.

Then finish setup:

Then your Code Generator is active and now facebook will simply guide you through those steps easily.

If you want a new code:

Simply launch your app,

Tap on Account > Code Generator > and code will appear.


Now let’s speak about hacking attacks and how to protect your FB accounts from that hacking attacks like social engineering attacks, phishing attacks.


Be careful of Social engineering attacks:

You must be cautious with these types of attacks,

Social engineering is the psychological process to take information from the people and perform fraudulent and suspicious practices with the received information.

These type of attacks are mostly occurring by the person who knows about the victim.

In Social engineering attacks, people will try to trick you and attract you to give your personal information


  • Asking personal information by saying you got selected in blah.
  • They send spam messages and also offers to know your information.
  • They send emails that for security purpose please change your facebook password etc.

So these are just some kind of stuff and they even implement more tricks so you must get through these techniques logically. The simple and best way doesn’t give any unnecessary information even if you got a message from facebook also don’t give info.

Just check whether it’s correct or not verify it.


Reminder: Facebook or any social networks or popular sites never asks you to change the password by sending an email link 


Log in to your account only from homepage only:

Don’t go for facebook pages which show links like this: www.dd/


Don’t fall for Phishing attacks:

Phishing attacks are one of most used and commonly seen attack from hackers, It’s under social engineer attacks, phishing attacks commonly used to target users information by sending “ A trusted looking but fake link”

Yes, they will send the same URL but they will change the URL’s slightly.


Let’s see how to secure your facebook account from phishing attacks:

  • Never tempt for thrilling offers and give your information.
  • Never ever log in from third spam party apps.
  • Use updated version of your browser that has an anti-phishing blacklist. Ex: Mozilla Firefox, IE 8, Edge etc.
  • Use unique passwords for accounts and never use the same password for multiple sites.
  • Check before you logging in to any site: just login only from its official page, never go too wrong looking links.

Ex: login from only, not from or etc.

Be cautious before taking action by reading any email or offer etc.


Avoid Clicking on Spam Links:

Facebook is a serious place to get lots of content and views on many topics but there are a number of people who will publish all the spam and phishing links that will redirect you to fake websites.

There will some malicious link which can gather your personal info and also harm your PC.


There are some effective ways you can avoid being a victim:

  • Just don’t be a clicker and click all the nonsense stuff which don’t give any mean to you, Just never click on suspicious links, even the links came from your friends also don’t ever click them. Usually, most of the links are automatically produced without senders concern so it’s better to get rid of suspicious links.
  • Log in only at com and don’t log in from any other links or website unless you are accessing an authorization for your facebook App.
  • Update your browser to its latest version to ensure you are safe and up in security level.


Activate Private Browsing:

This is another way to prevent other person or hackers from your account,

Each and every browser will have “Private Browsing” Option so just activates them to browse privately.

Then you all search activities will be private and will not be stored in the browsing history and cookies.

Google chrome:

If you are using google chrome then it’s easy to a short to go to incognito window (ctrl+shift+N)


Go to open menu – New incognito windows.

Google chrome private mode
Google chrome private mode


Hover over to right top where you can see a user icon – if you click it you can have the option go incognito.


Google private mode
Google private mode


Mozilla Firefox:

If you are using Mozilla Firefox then just go to open menu – new private window.

Mozilla firefox
Mozilla firefox

Like above browsers,  every browser will have their privacy settings in the toolbar so you can easily find them.


Let’s quickly end this by some more points: 

  • Protect your password, don’t ever share your password with other’s.
  • Don’t download every unnecessary link to see spam.
  • Run anti-virus in your system.
  • Try to remove cache in your browser if your system is used by others.



We have learned about how to secure your facebook account from hackers, I hope this article is useful to you.

If you have any suggestions or queries just comment us or shoot an email from our contact us page.


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