Facebook launches its Instagram, messenger apps for windows 10 users

Messenger app is launched for windows 10
Messenger app is launched for windows 10

Facebook finally launches its Facebook, Instagram and Messenger app for Windows 10 users with a new level of experience. Windows 10 users were eagerly waiting for these apps to come.

Back in October 2015, Microsoft paired with Mark Zuckerberg and announced that Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram apps are coming out soon for Windows 10.

After that announcement, there was a lot of talk about those apps, and now finally the discussion has come to an end. Facebook, Instagram and Messenger apps is launched on Windows 10 platforms.

April 28, is the day Microsoft and Facebook officially announced the app, and you can see the detail news in Microsoft blog.

Facebook App For Windows 10:

Facebook app has an app-browser, It also has gif’s for group conversations and direct messaging. This app also has a unique feature that is “Live tiles”. Live tiles feature can highlight new information without opening the apps.

This app is an updated version of all the Facebook apps.
As usual, we can also easily share photos through Facebook from this apps.

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger app

Facebook, instagram and messenger app
Credit: Facebook

This app includes the latest features:

  • Included Reactions.
  • Shows birthday’s and event reminders.
  • Easily share gif and images.
  • Stickers in comments
  • trending topics etc.

Facebook built on Windows only experiences into all three of these apps such as Live tiles, which lets you quickly to see a new post, messages, and photos right from your home screen.

Messenger App:

Messenger app is the top notch app to stay comfortably in touch with your friends and co. Now coming to Windows 10 platform, Messenger has its own new included features along with your favourite messaging.

Messenger app
Messenger app


  • Stickers.
  • Group conversations.
  • Gif.
  • Desktop notification.
  • Live tiles.

These are the features in Messenger, which are newly updated. Take a look at them and have fun with them.


Instagram app is launched for all Windows 10 users; they can also experience Instagram in their Windows 10mobiles. Instagram app has features like including direct messaging, updated search and explore videos and accounts switching.

Instagram app
Credit: Facebook


  • Direct messaging
  • Updated search
  • Easy navigation
  • Explore videos
  • Accounts switching.
  • Live tiles.

It supports “live tiles”, so if you pin the app to your home screen, you’ll get notifications from Instagram right on your start screen.

Now the excitement is up to you. Until now these apps have a fair bit of appreciations both from the audience and critics. You can see this information which is originally published on Facebook’s Newsroom and the Instagram blog, Microsoft.

Facebook is also trying to launch its ” Facebook and Messenger apps” for Windows 10 phone. So presently enjoy these apps and we can expect more in its next version.

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