Instagram Stories: Best tips to use instagram photo features

instagram stories features
instagram stories features

Instagram Stories:

Everyone has a tendency to share images and video with their loved ones. Hence in the present digital world, I think each and everyone are familiar with the world’s one of the most popular social networking site Instagram. And Instagram’s recently released Instagram stories feature.

Instagram has been a huge hit and currently they were millions of people using Instagram, daily to share their photos and video online with their friends, families and with all loved ones.

Now, from past few years, there has been a huge talk on snap chat features and all, so Instagram has recently added a snapchat like a feature that is stories features.

Instagram Stories function is the new boost in the Instagram app which lets you share your stories and content with your friends or individual users. This Stories can be seen either by the public if you publish it as public or else you can show this stories privately to your contacts or selected person in your contacts.

Instagram has millions of fans around the globe, and when the snapchat has come into the equation, Instagram has some competition, so to remove that Instagram has moved a step and released these new Instagram stories features on August 2.

What can Instagram stories feature do?

Stories features are pretty similar to snap chat’s “My Store feature”. This Instagram stories features lets you share a bunch of pictures which you have taken throughout the day, and you can upload them easily to the Instagram and then finally at the end of the day your photos will disappear.

Now by hearing this your expression might be ” really is it”?

Simple answer for it is, yes the stories will disappear at the end of the day.

Now, along with that you can also add text and drawings to your story images and make the stories more appealing.

Are you wondering how to make your own stories through the Instagram stories features?

Then here is the exact steps to create your own story:

  • First, log into your Instagram account and go to your home screen.
  • Now, when you open you Instagram home screen you can find the plus button “+” on the top left-hand corner of your home screen. Either you can use that, or you can just swipe left on your Instagram home.

    Instagram stories creation
    Instagram stories creation
  • Now, tap the circle button at the bottom of the screen which normally shows while taking images and videos.
  • Tap the circle and take the photos or tap on the screen to record a video, or else simply swipe down to see your normal gallery images.
  • Pick the selected image and edit the photos or videos with the given add-ons of Instagram by adding text, and drawing anything you love on the picture.
  • Instagram story editing
    Instagram story editing
  • There is also the three types of pens where you can see at the top of the screen, the first one is an ordinary marker, the second one is a thicker marker, and the third one is neon sign pen.

    instagram pens
    instagram pens
  • After you have done, you’re editing with the text and pens then just tap done to save your story.
  • Then finally, tap checkmark button to add to your story.
  • You can add as many photos as you like and they will be simply added to your story.
  • If you want to add videos then it’s the same process as well, just repeat the process until you completed your stories. Then you can find the each and every image and video you added in stories like a slideshow.

Now, these are the steps you should follow to add your stories on Instagram. And the added photos and videos will simply disappear from your timeline after 24hours.

If you want to have a look at your stories then you can easily do that on your home screen itself, it will show a colourful circle on your profile picture if you click on it then you can see your story.

You followers can easily see your stories by the colourful circle on your profile pic same as you see but they will get a pop up that you have been shared a story with you. All they have to do is just tap on your circle face to see your story.

Are you wondering how to delete stories?

Then, you don’t have to worry, because after “24 hours” the photos will automatically disappear. But if you don’t want to show your stories for that 24 hours as well then you can simply tap on the three dots at the bottom right of your story photo or video and hit delete. And then confirm. That’s it.


Want to know more about the Instagram stories features:

Here with Instagram stories feature you can easily add any photos, slow-motion videos, etc. on your story.

You can Add Filters:

You can also add few filters. After capturing a picture or video for your story just swipe across to add a filter to your photo or video.  Presently there are few features in Instagram right now, but it may add more filters later on.

You can add colours to your images and videos:

With stories feature you can easily fill colours on the photos or videos; you can just draw anything on your image or video by simply choosing the colour you want and then just place your finger and start expressing your hand art by holding and drawing the shape you want on your image or video.

You can easily draw anything on your image:

Instagram stories also give you more fun by the drawing tools, if you want the marker to be in a bigger size then just go to the drawing tool and tap on the pointed marker at the top of the screen. Which are so called as pens. Now, you can tap on the three dots button on the left side of the screen.  Just toggle the line that appears upwards towards the top of the screen to increase and down to decrease. This will help you to adjust the marker.

Enjoyed the features but are you worried about the privacy,

Then don’t worry about that,

Here’s is a way to hide your stories from friends and strangers:

If you want to share your stories privately then you can choose who can see your stories and who can’t see your stories.  Simply if you don’t want your parents to see your party images or if you don’t want to share your stories with your mates.

Instagram hiding features
go to story settings

Then in such cases go to your profile and tap the three dots (Android) and the Sun symbol in (iOS) in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

After that, choose Story settings from the menu and then tap on “Hide My Story From” and select all the persons whom you don’t want to see these and just tap done. Then they can’t see any stories, but they can see the regular profile updates. So no worries from home.

instagram hiding process
instagram story hiding

Are you happy with these Instagram Stories features?

Oh, I just forgot to say about the commenting system…

To say about it, it’s sad that there is no comments for these stories, but you can send a direct message instead of comments. You can always see that send message option at the bottom of the left-hand corner.

If you want to keep someone away from sending a message on this story:

Then you can do it as well; Instagram stories features has that as well. You can prevent certain people from sending a direct message for your stories too. Now if you want to do that then go to your profile and tap on the three dots in the top right-hand corner.

  • Then go to story settings, select an option from the list —- the options are you can choose “Everyone” which means anyone can send a message.
  • The second option is — “people you follow” which means it let just those whom you follow.
  • The final option is off which is you have disabled messaging for everyone.

Are you a curious person who wanted to see who has seen your stories?

You can see that as well, all you have to do is open your story and swipe upwards on the screen and at the bottom of the screen you can see a view counter and the names of the people who viewed your story.

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Finally, let’s finish up this Instagram post because I have mentioned all the features and there is nothing left to say about the Instagram stories. All I have to say is share your stories and enjoy the features.

If you have anything to say about the features and any other thoughts, then don’t hesitate. Let’s have a conversation through comments. I’d love to see comments and have a conversation with my audience.

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