Notify app- Facebook’s New Notification App

Notify app
Notify app

We all are Facebook freaks. Right! We do love all those new features that Facebook launch every time.

Now, its turn for another app that Facebook has launched. The new app is “notify” launched by facebook.

This “notify app” delivers timely or periodic notifications about the news or things we love. Those notifications are provided from our wished or liked sources. We all know about notifications and its uses in today’s digital world.

We human beings are quite busy these days. We don’t have either enough time or can’t spare time for each and every news. It might happen that we may like to go through the entertainment part of the news rather than the business ones or vice-versa. So this app will definitely act as a reminder for your loved news or any other stuff.

This is one of the great launches.

Notify app is the central place to discover and receive your passionate and relevant updates from your favorite sources.

Like: Music, Sports, and Businesses etc.

In this app all the notifications are written and published by facebook launch partners. Facebook refer these launch partners as “sources”.

Notify creates an exciting platform for Facebook users and partners to explore an evolution medium. Notify app launched on 11th November (11/11/2015) already has a great list of sources and will continue to add more sources that users love.


Uses of Notify app:

Take a look at the uses of notify app:

It has a quick notification on your mobile lock screen which keeps you notified and connected to the things that you care throughout the day.

Everyone have various tastes which vary from person to person.

For ex: I like music, you may like sports and the other person may like both sports and music.

So, notify made it easier to create a personalized mix of notifications depending on your choice.

This app is much more similar to a music playlist. In a music playlist, we list all the songs we love in a single folder. In a similar way, we make a list of our interested news in a single place which we wish to be notified and updated.


Notify features:

  • Select “stations” that you are interested to be updated about.
  • Get station suggestion for notification based on your Facebook profile.
  • Swipe or tap through the notification that you wish to read the full article, load the site or watch the video.
  • Share favorite notification with your friends via text, facebook, email or any other social networking site.
  • If you want to get the news later or you want to add as a reminder.  Then just swipe, to add the notification a saved list.
  • Stay updated with a feed of all the notifications you have received in the last 24 hours.
  • Easily discoverable stations and we can add stations anytime.

Notify sources:

Currently, there are 72 sources available in the notify app.

Ex: Huffington post, CNN, time

Here is the complete list of available sources.

Notify app sources
Notify sources

This is all about the features and sources of this app.

Today, “notify” app by facebook is available in all major countries across the IOS and android platforms.

So if you are in those major countries then start enjoying this app.

Official website of Notify.

If not then wait for the launch. I hope you liked this post.

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