Outbound Links: Why and How outbound links can improve your SEO

Outbound links in depth guide
Outbound links in depth guide

Let me start from here itself; It’s much likely that you wouldn’t have clicked this article if I had titled it as ” Outbound links and its importance.”

And that’s what I am going to say here in this article but in-depth, I have improvised the title by keeping “Why Outbound links are important and how it improves your search ranking”.


Usually, when it comes to SEO, and especially when you try to outrank your competition in search results, bloggers always speak about the inbound links. This is what has happened for many years. Company’s, business and bloggers have gone online and spent numerous hours in inbound linking, to directly improve their positions in the search engines.

This inbound linking has been a part of their link building strategy. But when it comes to outbound links they just left that from their strategy. And I Solemnly, say that this is the factor which often frustrates the new blogger or a blogger who is learning about the link building and also this was one of the overlooked ranking factors of seo.

Before going to know about outbound linking, let me take you through the fundamental reasons for lagging behind in outbound linking.

I have gone through various blogs, and even gone through many conversations, and I mostly found one question in common that a new blogger or bloggers ask. That is

Why should I link to other Authority sites?

why should i link to other authority sites
why should i link to other authority sites

I have seen this question quite often, and whenever they were asked this question. They just answered.

“Having a site with similar posts, I don’t want to link to other sites because once if I link to other authority sites, my visitors will automatically migrate to their site because their site is better than my site, so I don’t want to link to other pages.”

One of the blogger answers this.

Answers of outlinks question
Answers of outbound links question
Discussion and argument on outbound links
Discussion and argument

And the other similar opinions of bloggers for this outbound links are:

  • Outbound links harm my site and my own reputation.
  • They can damage my search engine rankings.
  • My site’s Page Rank will go down.
  • Page Authority and Domain Authority will be dropped from my site and will pass to another linking site.

And so on………. These are some reasons which were mentioned by bloggers.

So let’s go into the very necessary topic:

Here, in this article I am going to cover:

  • What are outbound links?
  • Why are outbound links important?
  • What links affect your site in search engines and how to stay away from them?
  • How to get most out of outbound links?

So for the guys who aren’t clear about what is outbound links then for you,

What are outbound links?

Outbound links are the links which are pointed towards another website from your own website. Just you are referring your visitor to other sites to check some information or something else.

Outbound linking is a useful tactic to improve your site authority and also your search engine rankings, but it can only be helpful when you link to relevant sites, or else you can’t achieve higher search engine ranking.

What’s so importance of having outbound links?

Why are outbound links important?

Outbound links are critical in achieving higher rankings in the search engine and also to improve your site authority.

Here I am going to give you some important reasons why we must place outbound links on your website.

Outbound Links Provides Additional Information to Readers:

No matter how great you build your site, and how great you write your content. There is always space where you miss something or the other. You can never say all the things that people love in one article, and you can never provide all the information that user is looking at on the given topic.

So, it makes great sense to seek the help of the web – As the internet is full of information you can quickly grab a relevant link on your topic and you can include it in your article to make your user easy to find all the information.

Here to create an accessible and measurable path to your visitors you can always take advantage of some great relevant posts which are published by authority blogs like Moz, Search engine journal and HubSpot, etc. or you can keep the article which has impressed you to write your article.

Ex: In this Moz article “The Myth of Google’s 200 Ranking Factors” they have used brain deans “Google’s 200 Ranking Factors”.

Moz Outbound Links
Moz Outbound Links example

Here, although Moz has written some important myths and Google ranking factors it has mentioned brian’s article to improve their user experience because if your user wants to access that 200 Google factors then he/she don’t have to go to google again, they can just go from this link. And that link just passes some link juice.

By linking to other sites, you can make your users feel comfortable where they don’t have to search for separate information they can just find some valuable information from your outbound links.

It not only provides the additional information but it also supports your content with links to relevant sites, and it improves your user experience.

Increases your Credibility:

As I mentioned in the earlier point, that outbound links improve your user experience and so it also improves your credibility of your content.

Because search engines always track your links and they judge your links whether they are relevant or not. If they find your links are relevant and high quality links, then you can increase your credibility of your site. So, search engines will trust your page, and as a result, you can increase your page rank.

Make your Site More Valuable and Authoritative Resource:

Top Seo’s always believes that the external linking or outbound linking is the most important way to achieve rankings in search engines and also makes your site more valuable. Google mainly views your outbound links differently when compared to the inbound links.

Google always trust outbound links which are pointed towards the high authority sites, and it often believes that those sites are more valuable and relevant.

If Google trust’s you, then it will show your site in the search results when anyone searches for the “Google related link operator.”  This is the option which shows all the relevant sites.

If you type “related:domainname.com” in the google search, you can find all the sites which are relevant to your site.

Ex: In the first point, we have seen the Moz linking to brains post, now let’s see the linking magic.

Related outbound links example
Related outbound links example

You know that if you type “related:backlinko.com/google-ranking-factors” then you can see Moz article which was linking to backlinko Google ranking factors has shown up first.

So try to link to high authority blogs, so that your site can get the authority of the site and your page can be shown in that results.

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Here, I am also providing,

A Case Study which is indicating the Importance of Outbound Links:

A recent study by the Reboot marketing firm proved that outbound links have a positive correlation to improve search engine ranking and it can also improve the authority of the page.

They have done an experiment with some terms which aren’t shown in search engines, and they created around 30 articles and optimized them and did the authority link building.

Case study on outbound links
Case study on outbound links

After few days span, they have seen the results that links which are having outbound links are ranking at the top other than the links which aren’t having any outbound links. So by this, you can know that how important is external link building.

According to the Rand Fishkin, external linking is good for seo; he had written an article about it a few years ago. By saying “why external linking is good for seo.”

Isn’t that interesting to have such benefits of outbound links?

But you should also be aware of links that affect your site. Not all links are worth for your site.

What links can affect your site in search engines and how to stay away from them:

Usually, not all external links are useful in getting search rankings. Google love external links which are relevant to your site. but it won’t encourage spammy, and low-quality external links. Google will simply send you an email or penalizes your site by stating that you “Have Unnatural links”.

Frankly speaking, Google likes natural links it just doesn’t like unnatural links. If you ever got that email or notification from Google that you have unnatural links.

Then you don’t need to be worried because you can resolve it. If you don’t know about those links don’t worry, I am going to say about those:

Natural links:

Natural links are basically an editorial choice links which were chosen by the editor. When you found any useful content which is related to the content you are producing, then you can link to that external site from your site based on the usefulness and merit of the site.

Unnatural links:

Unnatural links are also known as inorganic links; mostly these links are for selling purpose. It can be an excessive link exchange for your affiliate product or other products. It can also be the irrelevant content and the low quality or spammy content.

If you do these type of unnatural links, then you are violating the rules of google because google has quality guidelines.

  • Buying links.
  • Participating in link schemes.
  • Excessive product linking.

All these comes under the violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Google webmaster guide lines
Google webmaster guidelines


How to stay away from the unnatural links:

  • Always stay away from the spammy and low-quality links.
  • Never pass page rank to the link you are selling. If you want to sell your product, then don’t pass your page rank by adding a “Nofollow tag” to your link.
  • Never link to irrelevant content, for ex:  if you are writing about SEO, and you are linking to a movie site. Then Google considers it as a spammy and irrelevant link.
  • If you want to know more about the unnatural then just see this video explanation of Matt Cutts.

Well the above points were about certain measures you can take in outbound links but

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How to Get Most out of Outbound Linking:

If you are keen to get better results, from your outbound links, then you must follow these points to get most out of the outbound links.

  • Always link to relevant blogs which are having high authority. You can simply check Mozrank and domain authority before linking to a website.
  • Avoid Link farm and never target a page in attempting search engine rankings.
  • Although its best to link to authority sites, always make sure you aren’t using too many outbound links.
  • Always maintain either 1:1 or 1:2 or 1:3 ratio of outbound links and inbound links. Here many seo geeks give different ratios, but as per effective results, it is best to use those ratios.
  • Link to the page which has large shares and comments and also sees whether that adds value to your content or not.
  • Link to other blogs in your niche and get help from your community bloggers.
  • Always maintain outbound link quality because it pass trust signals to Google, never outbound a link to affiliate product and lose your faith.
  • Link to an in-depth article or long form content to acquire most authority. (Avoid generic content)

These are the few points you must follow to improve your outbound links, to rank better and build Google trust and also the Moz domain authority.


This is all about the “Why Outbound Links are important and How to Improve your Search Ranking”.

If you think that I have missed anything to say about the outbound links?

Or did you feel some of the points are not worthy?

Either way, you can let me know by leaving a quick comment, I’d love to have a conversation with you.

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  1. Hi, Aswini,
    That’s useful article for me. I have a question, my blog is on personal development . Can I write a post where I can mention list of top personal development blog with their links and review? Do I need to take permission from the author before use it? Is it help me to get some back link to my blog. Kindly guide.

    • Hi Sudipta Kumar,

      You can write a great piece of content and link to authority blogs; it’s always a good practice to link to authority blogs but instead of giving their home link try to give some of their best article links as “do follow links” and make sure they are relevant to your post.

      And also manage your internal and external link ratio, don’t just link to many blogs in one article. Always try to give links only when it is adding value to your audience.

      You don’t have to take any special permission to link to others blog. Your linking process will come under natural linking, so it isn’t a bad link building tactic.

      After linking to the authority blogs you can contact them via email or through social media, when your article is valuable then they will share your article, and also you can get some quality link back to your article along with the traffic to your site.

      Although this process is one of the best processes, it is hard to do, and it will take some time as well. But these types of links often hold up as excellent sources to Google.

      I hope this answer will help you. Thanks for taking time and commenting on this post. If you have anything to say you can comment me or contact me through email or facebook.


      • Hi Aswini,
        Yes, now it is clear to me. Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback.
        One more points I want to know , if possible please guide, you have mention”try to give some of their best article links as “do follow links”- do I need to any other setting to make it ” do follow links” or it will come as “do follow” automatically when I will add the relevant post link from the authority blog in my post? My blog in WordPress.


        • Hi Sudipta,

          By default, every link is a “do follow” link in wordpress, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

          Dofollow is a link which passes your domain authority to other sites, but when you add Ref=”no follow” then those links are “no follow” links.
          Those links won’t pass any of your page rank.

          So they are safe. But remember adding more do follow links can affect your site. So stay away from adding more do follow in a post.

          Have a nice day,


  2. Hi Aswini,

    I am also running a tech blog recenttrends.org.I have included some external and internal links.Most of the links i have selected “No follow” attribute. Is it good. Will it boost my page rank…

    What attribute i have to add mainly for boost my page rank…

  3. Well researched article and presented in the way it should come and you would have spent more time to write this article.
    But one thing you to include in this post. ” How to find the best Outbound Links for your content”.
    This is what I do always to include safe Outbound links while linking in my post. I go to buzzsumo.com and search the article which matches my anchor text and I select the article which has highest social shares literally. Then I link it to my content to on play safe side.
    Bye Aswini 🙂 Peace \/


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