Overlooked SEO Ranking Factors: 6 Easily overlooked factors you should check in 2017

Overlooked Seo Ranking Factors 2016
Easily overlooked seo ranking factors 2016

Obviously, bloggers or entrepreneur will always be worried about SEO. It’s quite common that they want to win the race of SEO by knowing about the SEO ranking factors. Even though they study about SEO they always overlook SEO ranking factors. those factors I will discuss in this topic overlooked SEO ranking factors.

Now, if we look through the major things which people do often to succeed in SEO are:

  • Firstly, they learn the SEO strategies, then they pick a few essential and working SEO tactics for them, and later on, they will make use of those tactics perfectly.
  • Second and the crucial thing is that they have to check each and every SEO factor twice to ensure that they have not overlooked the perfect SEO ranking factor.

These are two factors which give a way to success for any bloggers to win the race of SEO.

Each and every blogger or marketer might have learned a lot of articles about SEO and its ranking factors. And I truly believe that most of you might know  200 plus different ranking factors for Google search engine.

If you haven’t yet known about this, then you can know about them in this brilliant post written by Brian dean’s 200 ranking factors post.

At this point of time after learning SEO ranking factors, for sure you might be confident that you can implement those strategies and you will be waiting for the positive response from your website.

But in reality, is it happening?

If you are lucky enough then it might be really working. But as far as I know, in most of the cases, it’s not happening. It’s just because of one main factor that is “overlooked SEO Ranking Factors”.

Yes, overlooking might be a small error to you but have you ever felt that it is the reason to stop your search engine success.

You might be wondering about what you have missed?

You might miss any of the SEO ranking factors I can’t say the point exactly that you have missed. We only come to know what we missed when we sincerely go through it.

Here, I will be saying the six commonly overlooked SEO ranking factors in 2017.

6 easily overlooked SEO ranking factors in 2017:

These six points are the often overlooked SEO ranking factors by most of the blogs, and these are essential SEO ranking factors as well.

1. Updating content is one of the most overlooked SEO ranking factors:

Updating content is one the main overlooked SEO ranking factor. A lot of bloggers try to update their blog frequently, but they might not be updating their blog due to some sort of issues. And this brings their site’s organic traffic and rankings to drop.

Well, myvash is also the blog which is affected by this overlooked SEO ranking factor.

Because I don’t update my blog regularly so, that’s the reason why overlooking SEO factor caused me drop in ranking and organic traffic.

Do you know the reason why Google loves blog more than websites?

Google love blogs
Google love blogs

Because blogs are frequently updated,  and the content produced by blogs are more up to date, so Google love blogs.

Google’s WebCrawler searches your site and saves the last time a page was updated. Due to this point, you can see many blogs update their blogs frequently.

You can also find old post are updated twice or thrice for three to four months by the large blogs by adding last updated code to their posts.

Rand Fishkin has explained this SEO factor most of the times in his whiteboard Friday class, and Moz is having a brilliant article about the Google freshness ranking factor.

So, update your old posts and produce new content to increase the chances of getting organic traffic for your blog.

So always

  • Be fresh.
  • Be relevant.
  • Increase your search traffic.


Internal Links plays a major role in SEO ranking factors:

Internal links are useful for establishing the site architecture and also for spreading the link juice. So this is the main reason why pro bloggers always check and build an SEO friendly site with lots of internal links.

Most of the new bloggers don’t just follow internal links they will just overlook this Seo ranking factor.

So, for them

Linking to as many pages as possible on your site is a best practice for the SEO. But when you are linking to any internal page just check whether it is providing any value to that post.

Don’t include links which are unnecessary. Including links helps web crawlers to index your website better and the internal linking helps to improve your site’s SEO.

Ex: Did you ever feel that why Wikipedia ranks on the first page for thousands of keywords because it always uses the internal linking perfectly.

Internal links is one of the SEO ranking factors for Wikipedia

You can also take shoutmeloud as an example as well; you can find various internal links in shoutmeloud posts because they use internal linking strategies well for SEO.

Note: Just remember you must not include more links on a single web page. Keep your links where they are relevant and useful. You can keep 100-200 links on a page but always check that they are providing value or not.

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External linking (link out to others sites) to increase your SEO ranking:

Most of the business owners and newbies don’t like linking to the external sites because of the fear to loose traffic.

But the fact is external linking to quality content will help them to increase their domain authority and also their rankings.

External links are just hyperlinks that point at the external domain other than your own domain.

Top SEO’s and experts only believe that external links are the most dominant source of the ranking.

A search engine ranking factors survey conducted by Moz has shown that getting external links is the single most important point to grab high rankings.

SEO ranking factors survey
Search engine ranking factors survey

Remember few things before starting extremal links:

  • Link to the articles which are having good domain authority and page authority.
  • Link to the articles which really adds value to your potential visitors. Don’t ever add a spam link or unwanted links.
  • Link to the articles which are having a lot of social shares and comments.
  • Links to relevant blogs to make some interaction with fellow bloggers.

You might be worrying about the penguin update, but if you follow these and make perfect links, then you don’t have to worry about the penguin.

Note: Don’t try to keep most of the external links on a single page just cut your value for less than hundred links. Both external and internal it’s better to keep more internal links than external links.


Image to text ratio is one of the best ways to gets shares and it’s also an SEO ranking factor:

You might think that this not that important but fact is it plays a significant role. And it has been proved by social sites that the amount of traffic a post gets.

Many case studies have shown that content with an image to text ratio of “ 1 images for 100 words” get the most amount of traffic and shares while the content with less or more images gets shared less and in some case even less in traffic.

Image to text ratio
Image to text ratio

But it doesn’t mean to keep too many pictures in the post; you must manage the image to text ratio to maintain its SEO ranking.

Actually, you may already know that people mind can grab a picture 60,000 times faster than text. Human begins gets easily attracted towards visuals. So you should add images into your content to make your content much more engaging for your readers and to gain their attention towards your blog.

  • Just make sure you have the image to text ratio around 1:100 that means 1 images for 100 words.
  • Use images to break down long paragraphs of text into smaller ones.
  • Attract your readers by adding different formats of visual content such as gif, videos, etc.
  • Make sure images add value to your content and there are relevant to your content.

Do you have a problem in finding free images online then take advantage of this fantastic guide which shows 42+ Best Places to find free images online?

Make sure you add proper Image title tag and Alt tags:

This could be another SEO ranking factor where most of you might overlook and just leave this factor. I have personally seen many sites where they won’t even change the title tags of the images. Simply they upload the image without changing the title of the image.

For suppose if you take a picture from your camera then the image will be named as DCIM 545.jpg or DSLR-123.jpg or if you download from google images or some stock site.

It will be named on the keyword that they have used to keep the image on. Now if you upload that image, then Google doesn’t like these images tags because it’s unable to index your images Or else it will index your images with their keywords.

Adding title tag and alt tag for the image will be beneficial for your SEO efforts. Because both tags are meant for visitors and alt text is more important for crawlers. Include your main keyword in both the title and alt tags. But don’t ever do keyword stuffing by placing same title and alt for all the images.

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Content quality is crucial SEO ranking factor you must follow:

Google always wants to deliver the best results to their audience, for the reason, Google checks the most relevant content. But along with the relevancy, you also need the high-quality content to rank well in Google.

Now you might be wondering,

How will Google check the content quality?

Google measures the quality content in various ways, According to the Google webmaster tools you can find few points that you should avoid to create a quality content.

  • Errors such as broken links or wrong information.
  • Grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • The excessive amount of ads.
  • Spam comments or forum spam.
  • Automatically generated content.
  • For Participating in link schemes.
  • Creating pages with no original content or little original content.
  • Link cloaking.
  • Frustrating redirects.
  • Hidden text or links.
  • Participation in affiliate programs without adding any sort of value.
  • Loading pages with irrelevant keywords.

Along with these Google also created a course on it.

Content quality is one of main seo ranking factors
Content quality is one of main seo ranking factors

There are more points where Google considers to judge the high-quality information. You can get some insightful information about this in Content marketing institute post – “How Google judge the quality”.

And there are many surveys which already proved this point, here are few points which proved high-quality content gets traffic:

  • Backlinko has found that publishing focused content on a single topic will help in SERPs rankings. And it also found the average Google first-page results contains 1,890 words.
  • The Moz and Buzzsumo combined and analyzed 1 million articles to found that long-form content over 1000 words receives more shares than shorter format.
  • Searchmetrics has also conducted a survey and found that content quality as the third most important element in its search engine ranking factors.

So just make sure you aren’t overlooking this healthy SEO ranking factor. Be careful while you are going or improving your SEO.


Do, you think that I have missed any point?

Or did you feel some of the points are not worthy on this list?

Either way, Let me know by just leaving your valuable comment or suggestion or compliment. Anything will be taken into consideration, Thank you.

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