The New Google Plus Redesign with Mixed Result

google plus redesign

Redesigned Google+ page:

Google is again with a new version of Google+ site and app. This time, Google has emphasized revision on two main features i.e. collection and communities.

Collection and communities features were introduced six months ago. The Collection is the feature where people discussion on a particular topic and Communities is the networks group. These features have turned to be a good place for sharing, discovering and discussing people’s view from across the globe.


So, the new redesigned Google+ is based on the requests from the users to make it easier and simpler.


Google has redesigned its Google+ website, iOS and android apps as well. so that it becomes easier and faster for using Google+ users on any platform. We have seen these changes from the start of November it’s already been two months.

The updated apps will have come to all platforms, if you are not using this then you can use this features. Simply while you log in your Google plus account there will be a popup ask to change for the new design.

If you want to try then just click yes.

That’s it.

Google is always able to help out its user to make use of its products easily and beneficiary. But this has given mixed results for google and it is having some backdrops.

Let’s find out the comments on the New Google plus redesign:

First, while Google launched this at November so many have problems with this designs like community settings all changed and already saved info flew away.

And it has many comments on that

Many Recognized person lost their community and they even got 500 error code you can see them in the comments.

Some even have a problem with the layout at the start.

comments on google plus redesign
comments on google plus redesign

Some even created a funny

video about it as Perter Hatherley shared it with comments like this:


New google plus redesign



So this video is a crazy video which is full.


New google plus redesign
crazy video in comments


These are thought until now on google plus.

Google has solved some problems already and its working other problems hope google will clear all cultures and problems to its new update.

I hope you may like this post. For any queries comment us.

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