Types of web hosting services that a blogger must know

Types of web hosting

Different types of web hosting:

Bloggers always wanted a fast loading website, but they often worry about the different types of web hosting services and which are best for their blogs or websites.

Selecting a perfect niche and creating a blog is meaningful unless you have a proper hosting service.

In today’s digital market there are various types of web hosting services. But how could you identify the best web hosting service??

So you should be clear enough about your sites requirement and necessity. To select the best service for your site, you should know the types of web hosting.

So here, I will be publishing the different types of web hosting services along with their pros and cons.


Types Of Web Hosting:

  • Free Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Virtual Private Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting

Just these are the types I have introduced. Below I have explained it clearly.


Free Hosting:

Free hosting is a kind of hosting that provides hosting services free of cost. While using a free hosting service, you don’t have the necessity to go through all the plans and their prices.

Free hosting is mostly useful for those starters, who want to test their blogging skills or have started a blog just for fun.

So, How to get free hosting?

You can get free hosting when your site has a sub domain name of those providers i.e. www.yoursitename.webhost.com.

Some of the free host providers are:

There is another way to get free hosting, that is.

Sometimes web hosting companies provide free hosting web plan for a particular period. If you make use of this time to buy a domain name, then you will avail a free hosting service. But this is a rare deal, where some companies try to increase their marketing.



  • Best hosting plan for beginners.
  • Free of cost
  • Useful for the ones those who do blog as a hobby or fun.


  • Avoid if you are into a business or planning to make blogging as a profession.
  • Low speed and connectivity
  • Web site can be down anytime, frequent ups and downs
  • Hosting providers place their ads on your blog without permission.
  • They can remove your account anytime.


If you’re a beginner, trying to test your blogging skills, then it’s perfect but if you’re serious into blogging then avoid free hosting.


Shared Server Hosting:

As the name indicates, here the hosting is shared.

This is a hosting service where you will buy a single host, and you can host your as well others site of your wish. It also includes the sharing of physical server and software application within the server. The cost of this hosting is extremely low.

Most average level traffic websites can add their benefits and decrease their investment on hosting plans.



  • Cheap in price.
  • No need to perform high-tech maintenance on the server.
  • User-friendly web-based control panel.
  • The site is easily uploaded.


  • No root access.
  • Difficult to handle high traffic sites.
  • Issues regarding site’s performance.
  • If the connections are increased, then the speed will decrease.
  • May not be so secured.


Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting:

Virtual dedicated server hosting also well known as virtual private server hosting divides its server resources into virtual resources. Here each website hosts on their own virtual server.

So by using this, they get allocated in such a way that it doesn’t directly reflect the hardware. The bloggers have root access to the server space. If you want to have a control on the site, then choose these hosting services.


  • Can be easily extensible.
  • Having root access will slightly help you to write the scripts.
  • Has better performance when compared to shared hosting.
  • Less expensive in comparison to Dedicated Server Hosting.


  • Site performance may be affected due to the presence of other sites on the server.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to handle high traffic levels.
  • Clients become responsible for unmanaged server sometimes.


Dedicated Server Hosting:

This is a bit unique hosting service. Here, the hosting company provides a computer along with internet connection in the enterprise premises. They also help you by giving server and software.

In dedicated hosting, you will be having complete control over the server. As it is not shared, it’s faster in performance and has access to the root.


  • It’s best for high traffic generated sites.
  • Access to root.
  • Faster in performance.
  • Can have full control over the server.


  • Expensive.
  • Useful for the sites which need maximum control and better server performance.


Cloud Hosting:

Cloud Hosting is the new and powerful hosting platform that allows clients best and reliable hosting on a cloud server. Unlike other hosting services,  it is not hosted on a single system.

It is hosted in the virtual partitions means here each system provided for a particular resource. So here a  client takes a hosting service as per his requirements. This makes the server host a group of websites allowing it to work efficiently without any performance and speed problem.

If someone’s internet connection dropped.  Then he/she will be out of the cloud unless it gets net connectivity. Here a client/user has to pay only the amount that he has consumed, then paying the whole lot of bucks. Except a few most of the cloud hosting services doesn’t provide root access.



  • Increased flexibility.
  • User-friendly.
  • Improved disaster recovery.
  • Efficient and constant speed, performance.


  • Slightly expensive.


Co-located server:

Here, you have to purchase your own server and make a setting have a hosting service. You are purely responsible for the server and its set-up. Its performance and speed are best when compared to others. You will be having full control over the server and its maintenance.

Any software or scripts can be installed.


  • Best in reliability and flexibility.
  • Best in Connectivity.
  • Choose software as your wish.


  • Most expensive.
  • Hosting should be performed at the data or hosting centres.
  • Responsibility to maintain the server.


On a whole, these are the types of web hosting. It’s you to make a decision to select the proper hosting as per your necessity and requirements.

Select a host and start to publish.????  If you have any doubts,  never hesitate and feel free to drop a comment or contact us.

We are happy to help you anytime.

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