Under Construction Page Review: Smart Plugin for visitors to enjoy in maintenance mode

Under Construction page review
Under Construction page review

Under Construction Page Review:

The introduction of Under Construction Page review:

Most of the people don’t like to see a broken page while they are accessing a website. They just don’t like seeing broken pages just because they think that those sites which are having broken pages are unsafe and unsecured.

Even though, most of the people are having different reasons that why they don’t like the incomplete page.

But the majority of the users might think that your site has been permanently closed or either permanently moved.

There might be other reasons as well, but it just depends on your audience.

Here the primary factor you have to focus on is you should not let your visitors see any broken pages, incomplete pages and 404 errors pages on your site.

So as a website owner, you have to take responsibility for these broken pages.

From the start of this article, I am mainly focusing on broken pages so most of you might think why.

If you have that in your mind, then let me explain your doubt. I am mainly concentrating on the broken pages just because these broken pages have killed many would be website owner’s dead in their tracks. It just happened because they lost their visitor’s trust.

As you might already know, trust is the x-factor in this digital age. Once your audience loose trust on your site then they never try to visit your site again.

I am having a bitter experience in broken pages, as I lost a lot of traffic because of that. So, I am just suggesting you not to have a broken page on your site.

Now most of you might have a few questions in your mind,

  • How can a broken page affect site?
  • What to do when you are maintaining your sites?

These are common questions which will hover over your minds. Let me answer them in a clear way.

When you develop your site, it could take a long time to make your site perfect. But during this period your, visitors may access your website and if they see a broken page or incomplete page.

Then they will just migrate from your site to your competitor’s site because people just don’t want to waste their time in waiting. So, they will access the same information from your competitor site. As a result, you can lose one of your potential visitor which means you can lose a would-be client as well.

So, you should be aware of that, and you should never confuse your visitor with a broken page, incomplete page and any server default page such as 403,404,503.

Now, coming about what to do when you are maintaining a site?

When you are maintaining a site, you can set up a maintenance word page to inform your users that you are working on your website.

I recently have gone through a new WordPress plugin called Under Construction Page, and I found it very helpful to fix broken page issue.

So, in this article, I’ll just let you know about Under Construction Page review. This is a wordpress plugin which is best for creating maintenance mode pages.

Let’s walk into the Under Construction Page review,

Under Construction Page Review: Smart plugin for Maintenance mode:

To simply introduce this plugin, The Under Construction Page is a brand new WordPress plugin which helps you to design under construction or maintenance mode pages within 5 seconds. This plugin is helpful for all website owners who are struggling to create their own maintenance mode pages for your site.

You can install this plugin either by going to the plugin page on the official WordPress plugins directory, or you can install from your WordPress plugins option by typing Under Construction Page.

This plugin is spreading like wildfire. It is increasing its existing installs and popularity day by day presently this plugin is having more than 40,000 installs and more than 188 people have given five stars out 5 for this plugin.

As we are reviewing this plugin lets jump into the

Detailed Under Construction Page Review:

Starting up, you can open your installed plugin in the settings section of your dashboard. This Under Construction Page is having four options those are main, Design, content, and access.

Let’s just speak about those in detail.


The main setting panel is all about three options those are status, end date & time and final option is google analytics tracking ID.

Under Construction page plugin main menu
Under Construction page plugin main menu

Status: Here Status options allows you to enable and disable the maintenance mode on your site. All you have to do is press ON to enable and switch it to OFF to Disable maintenance mode.

End Date & time: End date and time is an option to set the end date of the maintenance mode. And if that End date and time comes, it will automatically disable your maintenance mode. It switches to the active web page after the time expiration.

Google Analytics Tracking ID: Here in this option you can enter your Google Analytics tracking ID.  So that you can track your visits to your page while it is in maintenance mode.


Coming to the second option design, here you can design and customize your maintenance mode page. This cool plugin comes with fourteen fresh themes, and all themes have different styles. You can simply pick one that you like most and one that is colorful. After that, just hit on Save Changes button to save your changes that’s it.

Design templates
Design templates


Content is an option where you can add content to your customized pages. You can enter your title in the title column, and you can add a proper description for your maintenance mode page. This plugin has five inbuilt shortcodes for your title you can choose one of them.

After adding the title and description, you can add a headline text for your under construction page. Here by default, it will show you other content that is: sorry, we’re doing some work on this site. Now you don’t have to keep this as your headline you can change it on your own.

Finally, you can add your content for your page. Here you can add your own words to inform your visitors about the process. By default, you will have “thank you for being patient.” But you can change everything.

Content SEO Optimization
Content SEO Optimization

Social media icons: These days’ social media icons are vital in any page. So, this plugin has included nine icons available for you to add it to your maintenance mode or under construction page. BY adding social media icons, you can keep the connection with your visitors during the under construction page process.

Social media icons
Social media icons

Here all you have to do is just fill your URLs of your social media accounts in the URL fields.


Access settings are different from other contexts. Here you can select the whitelisted User roles. If you choose whitelisted users option means those whitelisted users will not see the page in maintenance mode, they will just see it as a regular page.

Access option
Access option

These are the options of the under construction pages. In this, under construction page review I mainly want to tell few things about why I found this plugin helpful.

Best Things about Under Construction Page Plugin:

This Under Construction Page plugin is best in creating the lightweight and user-friendly maintenance mode pages. So you don’t have to worry about the mobile-friendly option.

Along with these this plugin is having some pre-defined templates which are seo friendly. You can even optimize your page according to the seo by changing its content and title and description as well.

If you are the developer who needs some help in designing and want to modify these themes a little, then you can do it with the aid of custom CSS option.

Custom Css option
Custom Css option

So you have everything you need in this plugin. That’s why I just recommend this plugin for my users who are in need of creating their maintenance pages.


Wrapping up:

This is all about the Under Construction Page Review. If you are really in need of maintenance mode pages, then you can opt for this excellent plugin.

I hope you all had a clear view on Under Construction Page Review. If you have any queries or suggestion, you can let me know in comments section.

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Under Construction Page Review
  • Easy to Use
  • Responsive
  • Custom CSS
  • SEO Optimized templates


Under Construction Page, is a wordpress plugin. This plugin helps all the nondesigners to create an impressive looking and user-friendly maintenance pages easily.


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