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what is blog
Don't be tensed.

We frequently hear the word “blog” these days, and it’s the most popular word in the world of internet. Newbies will often have a question that is “what is a blog”. So let me give you a brief definition of what is a blog.

What is a Blog:

Simply:  A blog can be said as web book or a web diary or a web journal. Each blog has its particular subject, which is updated on regular basis. A blog is also called as a weblog(we-blog) or web-log.

It can be represented in text or video or image format, or it may include two or more format at the same time as some blogs use both text and pictures for representation.

It consists of a post appearing in reverse chronological order which means the most recent post is displayed (or shown) at the top/first; then the next recent post comes down/last to it, and it follows. The old post appears at the bottom or end of the particular blog. It is similar to a news journal or newspapers. Now let’s know the terminology and definitions of a blog.


Blog’s Terminology:

what is a blog infographics
Blog terminology in infographics

Blog’s terminology usually consists of the terms related to the word blog. The terms include blogging, blogosphere, blogger, etc.

Here are the definitions:

  • Blogosphere: It is nothing but the community of the bloggers.
  • Blogging: The skill of writing a post on a blog.
  • Blogger: The person who writes a post is a blogger.
  • Blog: A showcase which shows all post, which is drafted by a blogger.


Do you know?

Blogs are becoming more popular now a day. They are the best source to share your thoughts with the world by your owned blog; Many people are making their living by blogging while others are showing interest to start blogging. It is useful for some people to gain knowledge simultaneously to earn money for others.

Apart from earnings we can start a blog to express ourselves, it could be like your personal diary, or may turn into a hobby. You can do blogging on any topic which you have an interest in it or any topic which you have passion. Blogging is helpful for both small and large scale industry to improve their sales. A blog can be either a commercial or non-commercial blog.


Who can blog?

what is a blog
Who can blog

Now when you’re reading a blog,

Few questions may come into your mind and in that the primary question would be, what is a blog?” Which have I already explained the at start of this article and the secondary question would be who can blog?

Well, the answer is simple anyone can do blogging, and for blogging, it doesn’t require any kind of certification or any qualification. It’s just everyone’s thing; blogging can be done by students or housewives or retired officer or anyone.

The only thing required to do blogging is to have a computer, an internet connection and good English/writing skills. If you are not good at English, and you want to have a blog then don’t worry you can also blog in your own language. If you require in English and want your blog to be commercial, then you can hire freelancers.


What must you blog about?

what is a blog
What you must blog about

This is the question, which often worries the beginners like the previous question what is a blog and who can blog? I have explained those issues above.

Well if you are one of them who was worrying about what to blog then don’t worry, you can blog about anything you want

For ex: music, technology, movies, beauty tips or review, etc……

There is no such thing that you must blog about only one particular topic like music or something else. You can do blogging on any subject.

But selecting a perfect niche makes your blog more efficient and also it target the particular group of an audience (means the audience interested in your topic), and it also improves your skills in that particular field.


Types of Bloggers:

what is a blog
types of bloggers

They are generally many types of bloggers but commonly we divide them into two types of blogger. The full-time blogger and other is the part-time blogger. Now let’s know about these types of bloggers in detail.


Full-time Blogger:

Full-time bloggers are bloggers who spend their lot of time in blogging. These bloggers are professional bloggers whose full-time job is blogging.

These types of bloggers earn their living by blogging. These bloggers are more serious compared to other bloggers because they treat blogging as a career.

In this modern world, this is one of the best options where you can work from home and is also a risky option too, if you are serious about it then you can achieve a lot in blogging. If you tried to do new tricks and got stuck by anything else, then it may let to a bitter experience.


Part-time Blogger:

Part time blogger are those who don’t spend full time. A part-time blogger usually works during his free hours. They mostly blog as a hobby or just for fun.

Some part-time bloggers take blogging very seriously, and they always try to convert themselves into a pro-blogger and full-time blogger. Also, there is some part-time blogger, who have already turned themselves into full-time bloggers.


About Blogs:

Blogs started during early 90’s as a diary and from then it has been increasing its popularity day by day. Now in 2015 there are more than 500 million blogs and the count goes on.

There are several free and self-hosted platforms for blogging, but if you are solemn about your blog or website, then you must go for self-hosted platforms. You can know more about blogs in History of blogging.

Do you know some people wanted to be a blogger and they will not because many of them worried about one thing?

That is Future of the blog, yes many think there are no future opportunities for blogging. So for them here are the simple answers to your question.

Future of Blogs:

As the day’s progress internet is increasing its users and as the web is spreading its wings around the globe, blogging is also flying high. Blogs are becoming popular, and it has more important role in near future as career options.

Already so many have started their blogging careers and earning on it. No matter they will become twice or thrice or even more in the coming days. No matter they will become twice or thrice or even more in the coming days.


Simply blogging is the best option for learning and for sharing knowledge. We can earn money from blogging (provided depends on your earning’s strategy). Interestingly we can also make new friends in this blogosphere from around the globe.

I hope you are now clear about what is a blog. So just turn gear up yourself to start a blog or a website. You can also opt for online business increase your sales through your blog.

So why are you waiting for??

Go ahead start a blog, share knowledge and have a new source of earning. For suggestions and queries feel free to contact us or comment us.

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