WhatsApp is now free from Annual Subscription

whatsapp is now free
whatsapp is now free

Whatsapp is now free, yes now it is  the craziest network that is used by nearly a billions of people around the globe.

And they were many people just got used to what’s App to stay in touch with their families and friends.

They are sharing their photos with their dear ones sending audio and interacting with their friends and families and much more.

Previously, Whatsapp has announced that it would take a little subscription fee of 0.99$ annually for using Whatsapp in June 2013 and later it has collected subscriptions from their users.

They had kept WhatsApp free to download and they said WhatsApp’s can be used freely for a year, after one year they charged a small amount.

Whatsapp Previously Subscription fee details
Whatsapp Previously Subscription fee details


But now they have decided to take the subscription amount. Whatsapp is now free. has announced that it will drop its subscription fee, and also making WhatsApp free for everyone.

It has announced that it will drop its subscription fee, and also making WhatsApp free for everyone.

This change has announced in a What’s App official blog post on Monday, Saying that “Making What’s App free and more useful”.


In that post, they mentioned that  “ For many years, we’ve asked some people to pay a fee for using What’s App after their first year. As we’ve grown, we’ve found that this approach hasn’t worked well.

Thus, they wanted to remove this subscription and make it’s much friendlier with their clients and users to let them use.


This fee will be removed from various versions of What’s App “over the next several weeks.”

They also said that What’s app will not go for third party ads for the income process. And they are removing subscription fees.

What’s app is planning to test tools that’s allows users to communicate with the business providers and organizations to know the information you want to hear from them.

It’s just like communicating with the organizations which you want to communicate with.


Ex: If you want to know information from your bank that you have a genuine transaction or  fraudulent transaction.

You can also know the details about your journey details, business needs, flights delay time, bank transactions etc.

They said that they will charge the organizations and other business providers who will provide their business channel through the WhatsApp, Then they will have to pay some amount. They will not charge any penny from the users.

Although it’s not yet officially announced as there were in testing stages. What’s app is still giving us a free access and also spam and ads free app to its users.

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