Whatsapp privacy: You Should Change your settings or else you will suffer

whatsapp privacy
whatsapp privacy you should change

Whatsapp privacy changed

Our privacy settings does really support privacy or not? What do you think about WhatsApp privacy?

Whats app has made it a big confusion for us. When Whats app joined Facebook, it made a promise that there will be no ways to change their privacy. But now is it going to be protected or not.

Two days ago Whats app announced that it will be sharing data with its parent company Facebook. The user data could be status, phone number, etc. The company said the reason for sharing data is for selling ads and to help to improve the messaging platform.

But there are a lot of people who are not ready to accept this changes. They think that they might have to be cautious about their personal chats unlike before. Yet Whats app says that the chats will not be open to its staff.

So, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is blaming Whats app for not sticking to their promises and sharing users information like phone number and profiles.

Now it’s our responsibility to protect. On our end how can we limit our data sharing?

For you all there are two processes that help you from stopping your data from being shared on Facebook.

Process to change WhatsApp privacy:

  1. Firstly don’t accept the pop-up that shows new terms which you get from WhatsApp as you open. Rather go to read more tab and tap it at the bottom. Here you can find an option showing” Share my whats up account info with Facebook”, just untick the box.
  2. Secondly, If you have agreed for this, you can change by going to Setting menu option, then to your account and untick the share my account info
  3. Settings->account->untick share my account info
whatsapp privacy
what’s app privacy

To change these settings we have very limited time.You should do these within 30 days only. Or else it will be upgraded itself. So think and make a wiser decision whether to permit sharing your data or not.


Finally, it’s your own decision to change your WhatsApp privacy settings or not. If you have any sort of queries on this do comment us below.

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