13 Benefited reason why you should blog in 2016

why you should blog
why you should blog

In this modern era, I think you all are very well known to blog. If not, see this article which is particularly written for you What is a blog? who can blog? what to blog about?

But have you ever thought why you should blog?

So here I am to explain the 13 beneficial reasons why you should blog in 2016 and what are the benefited reasons you can experience while blogging.

It is true that we make use of blog regularly for our self-needs. It could be a movies blog or technology blog or a beauty tips blog. Whatever it is depending on our requirements we browse every day and so it happens that we pass through various blogs.

I have explained 13 most important reasons why you must blog. . Or we can say the benefits we get from blogging.


13 Benefited reasons why you should blog?


Blogging helps you to become a better Writer:

Blogging will definitely improve your writing skill and its helps you to become a good writer. Blogging is just a way where we don’t go through any sort of teaching or training classes. As you start a blog you will be able to improve your writing skills.

Just compare the difference between your first post and the later ones, you will find the difference in your writing.


Blogging helps you to become a good Thinker:

As you begin to write articles, you will start to think to write better articles than your competitors so this will let you think deeper and deeper to write the best from your thoughts and research.

As this process continues you will turn to be a better thinker but some part-time bloggers hate spending time on thinking and they just leave that matter as if there is nothing to do.

Unfortunately, this point will help the bloggers but not time passers.


Blogging helps you to learn New Things:

In this digital era, there is a lot of stuff about new inventions, a technology which we really don’t know we will be able to find those new things each and every day through a blog. We can say blogs are the open source to various questions.


Blogging gives us fresh Challenges:

Today’s world is a competitive market. Here everyone likes to compete with each other. Blogging can be a good way to face challenges and to give good experiences. It is a field with the huge competition these days with new upcoming blogs. So this may give a kind of attitude to face any challenges in life.


Blogging helps you to meet New People:

Blogging is a field where you can meet with different bloggers.

Apart from bloggers, you will be able to meet people through emails, comments, subscribers etc. Of course, it happens in other professions to meet new people. But blogging helps you to interact with people across the globe.


Blogging helps you to Make Money:

This is one of the most favorite reasons for many bloggers. Well, who don’t want to earn money?

There are bloggers who complete depend on blogging for their living. Blogging is a better option to earn money from home but it’s not so easy compared to other jobs. It requires patience and hard works, whatever it is we can earn handsome money from blogging.

why you should blog
why you should blog


Blogging helps other People:

By blogging you can spread knowledge, you can help people or you can learn from the other every blog has their own way of sharing and helping people’s queries,

For ex: myvash is a site where we share our knowledge on blogging and internet marketing, technology news etc.


Blogging helps to Promote:

A blog is the best place to promote your products or your service or business. You can increase your sales or service orders by promoting through a blog. It is one of the best factors of maintaining a blog.


Blogging helps us to become Confident:

Blogging will help to build up confidence in yourselves when you start a blog the zeal to find out queries, to give the best article will boost your confidence. So this will definitely help you in building up your confidence.


Blogging helps to Interact Freely:

Blogging helps to share your knowledge freely to the world. It helps you to interact and create a particular image of yourselves.

The blog can be an autobiography, a blog about beauty tips, music etc but you claim to share something helpful to people. It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 post or 1000 posts but this process helps you to interact yourselves to this world in an expressive way.


Blogging is Free:

Yeah, blogging is absolutely free.

Everyone can start a blog free of cost with word press, blogger, Tumblr and various other website building platforms. If you want to be a pro blogger or you want to make business then you will be charged with a low amount which is affordable i.e. around 30–50 dollars.


Blogging helps you to be Discipline:

Discipline is most important in real life. It happens many times that we are late to our work or miss out preplanned events.

But once you a start a blog, the curiosity and the fun you enjoy in doing blogging will definitely make you learn discipline.


Blogging helps your Resume:

Many popular bloggers argue that blogs are just like a person resumes. Whether you agree or not a blog really acts as your résumé. Simultaneously it helps your résumé to look advanced and unique from others. So I feel this are the reasons you should start a blog.


Once you start a blog you will be able to realize all those reasons mentioned above. Apart from that, you will be able to find new reasons to blog.

If you have new experience from blogging do share it with us. So, go ahead start a blog. Learn new thing. Share knowledge.

And enjoy blogging!!


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