WP Security Ninja Review: A Plugin to make your site Hack proof

WP Security Ninja Review
WP Security Ninja Review

The art of securing WordPress sites has been a daunting task, many bloggers and newbies have got stuck with security attacks and quit their blogging journey. I am sure enough that you might have heard lots of victim’s voices after getting hacked.

If you don’t think about the security of your WordPress site, then you are being a victim.

websites hacked per day
websites hacked per day

So, don’t ever be the one in this list. if you don’t secure your site then you are the one who is giving free tickets for hackers to hack your sites.


Why Hackers love WordPress sites to Hack?

WordPress is truly an excellent CMS (content management system). As WordPress is the popular CMS, hackers just like to take the popular CMS sites down. The another main factor is from past few years WordPress is facing security scare because it is having a lot of security loopholes and vulnerabilities which make hackers to hack WordPress sites quickly. So they love hacking WordPress sites.

There are a lot of incidents where WordPress sites got hacked, and it has been a huge disturbance for users using WordPress. Some people even migrated to the other blogging platforms for WordPress due to these attacks but migrating won’t give any sort of advantage to them as they naturally lose the benefits of this popular CMS.

So, you should start thinking wisely, and you should start thinking about protecting your WordPress site.

New bloggers and marketers are facing a lot of problems, they don’t know how to secure their websites and are facing lots of issues with WordPress security. And this has been proved enough with the surveys.


Recent study explains how much bloggers are concerned about their sites security:

According to the recent survey, which was conducted by the word fence has shown some impressive stats on WordPress security measures.

  • They have found that around 40% sites are facing hacking attacks at least once a year.
  • 79% blogs have stuck with the hacking and they resolved their problem with a lot of struggles and redesigned their blogs and kept using a lot of security.
  • Here status proved that 35% of bloggers are extremely concerned about their sites security.
  • 27% are very concerned about the security.
  • 25.4% are moderately concerned about the security.
  • 10.5% slightly concerned about the security.
  • 1.6% not at all concerned about the security.
Recent study of wordfence
Recent study of word fence

The category of 1.6% to 10.5% are mostly the new bloggers, so they actually don’t know how to secure their WordPress site.

Pro bloggers and pro developers already learned some techniques and they are utilizing different plugins to secure their sites. But what about the new bloggers they usually can’t secure their sites like pro bloggers.

Some new bloggers even think why I should secure my WordPress sites?

If you are having a similar question, then I am going to help you sort out that as well.

Why to Secure your WordPress site?

You should secure your WordPress site because it is your place where you share your knowledge with others or interact with others through your posts and updates.

If you are getting a lot of traffic towards your site then probably you can earn some money from your site.

Your site can make you popular and can earn you some reputation over the social media and sometimes it even helps to you get your desired projects to work on. So you should keep your site safe.

If you want you can secure your site with some basic practices like

  • Updating your WordPress version regular to fill up the security loopholes.
  • Updating your plugins and themes to get rid of security vulnerabilities.
  • Don’t use any nulled themes or plugins which harm your site.

Well, this is the basic things one should follow to secure up to a minimal level.

But, if you want to keep your site safer and make it difficult for hackers then how? So, to make your WordPress site more secure will be showing you about an excellent plugin.

But if you think how the plugin could do that or is it possible by the plugin?

If these questions are hovering over your mind then don’t worry, just get ready to secure your WordPress sites and make it hack proof with the help of the fantastic plugin called “Wp Security Ninja”.

You might have few question that what is security ninja and how it works etc. I will say them in this wp security Ninja review.

So, let us know about the wp security ninja review and about the wp security ninja. Manually


What is WP Security Ninja?

WP Security Ninja is a WordPress security plugin which protects your WordPress site from the hacking activities.

The security ninja plugin is a popular plugin for protecting WordPress sites. This plugin is having the capability to secure your WordPress site with its advanced protection and is also having a lot of internal tests to make your site hack proof.

It is having both free and premium version of plugins. You can simply download the free version plugin for your WordPress site from the WordPress plugin directory.

wp security ninja review
wp security ninja review

The best thing about the WP security ninja is, it won’t change your site, or it won’t grab any control from you. It makes your site more secure and will help you to maintain your blog safely by giving full control for you to whether implement any changes to your site or not. This plugin is having 40+ tests which ensure your site to be protected from the hackers.

If you don’t want to install any plugin, then you can scan your site with this free tool to scan from team Wploop.

Wordpress security scanner
WordPress security scanner

It is a website which performs various tests on your site and gives the results similar to the plugin.

Before getting into the wp security ninja review, let’s go through the features of this plugin.

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Features of WP security ninja free version:

Features of security ninja
Features of security ninja

Simplicity and ease to use interface:

The plugin is very easy to use and has easy to use interface. You will not find any disturbance while using this plugin, although the tests performed by this plugin are a very sophisticated test it simply filters all those complex tests and will give us a feeling that it is user-friendly.

Complex yet easy to understand reports:

The test results of this plugin are very comprehensive, and they are usually hard to understand but, in this plugin, it shows the complex reports quickly with its green and red colour coded format.

It provides the details of each and every factor, and it also explains why to resolve that in simple sentences so that everyone can understand easily.


The plugin has an easily scalable functionality, and you can add them by purchasing the premium add-ons.

Professional and user-friendly support:

This plugin offers great help for all the users who are having glitches with this plugin. Although it has excellent support, this plugin also has a ticketing system where you can ask any question about the plugin, and they will quickly solve your issue.

Free users can get answers to their questions, but it can take time, but if you are a pro user, then you can get your answer and fix issue in few hours of time. They have the quality technical staff who are user-friendly.

Now if you want to own a premium version of the plugin, have a look at the pro version.


Features of Security Ninja in Pro version:

Along with the features of the free version, the premium version is having some more features. Let’s go through them,

wp security ninja review
wp security ninja review
  • Performs are daily checking to find any vulnerabilities and security loopholes with its advanced protection.
  • It has different modules which let you make your site more secure and keep it as a hack proof site.
  • Conducts more than 40+ different security tests.
  • You can easily use various code snippets for the quick fixes.
  • Modules will tighten your security with the best security functionalities.
  • Remote Access features will let you manage the security ninja plugin to access multiple sites from the single dashboard.
  • But for WP security ninja plugin, features aren’t enough. There are different modules with their unique features.


Different Modules available in Security Ninja:

The WP Security plugin is having four advanced modules which are presently available for Pro users.

Core Scanner Module:

Core scanner module is a module which scans all the core WordPress files. As you may know, WordPress have lots of core files, and sometimes the hackers target the core files and keep hide their malicious codes in the core file.

So, with this core scanner, you can go through all the core files and make sure there is no malicious code over there and no other changes.

Core scanner security ninja
Core scanner security ninja

Malware Scanner Module:

Malware scanner module is a powerful module of this plugin, as this module will go through all the plugins, themes and database and all the uploading files to find whether there is any suspicious content located in them or not. They look for the malware in your internal database and uploaded files.

Malware scanner
Malware scanner

Scheduled Scanner Module:

Scheduled scanner module is a useful module where it easily scans and fixes your site frequently. When we do scanning manually, we might not reach the plugin or dashboard to scan site. In such cases this scheduled scanner module is vital, it scans your core files and all whenever a malware is detected. If it finds any changes, it will send a quick notification to your email that they discovered something which might be harmful.


Events logged Module:

Event logged module, is pretty useful module when you run multi-author blog or a membership blog. It will let you know what’s happening on your site.

It will monitor and track the log files and stores the 50 events on your site with great details like login details, logout actions, failed login attempts, widgets changes, etc.

Events Logger
Events Logger

Upcoming Auto Fixer module:

This plugin is bringing another new module, which is auto fixer module. This will quickly fix all security problems with one or two clicks. You can get a precious view on this only after the launch of this module.

So get this excellent security ninja plugin and install it:

How to install the WP Security ninja:

To install this fantastic plugin, you can do it by simply installing other plugins.

Here all you have to do is follow the below steps to start installing the wp security Ninja plugin.

  • Login into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Hover over the left side menu and go to the Plugins.


Wp security ninja plugin


  • Now click on the Plugins — ADD NEW —- Search for “Security Ninja.”
  • Just click install and Active that plugin.
  • Wp security ninja review install
    Wp security ninja review install
  • After activating your plugin, it’s time to scan your site to find out the vulnerability in your security.
  • You can scan it by going to “Tool” — Security Ninja – Analyze site.


Wp security ninja review analyze
Wp security ninja review analyze
  • After analyzing your site, it will provide all the details of the test results to fix the security issues of your site.

You can simply resolve them by checking what you must do; the plugin provides detailed information on what you must do.


Wrapping up:

This is all about the WP security ninja review until now you have a clear view of its modules and its features. Now it’s your turn to make your WordPress site secure with this advanced plugin.

To make your WordPress site hack proof, you must use this plugin. Do you know that there are few plugin which was hacked and it can be dangerous to your WordPress site, they can cause you more trouble?

So to get rid of them you should use WP Security Ninja plugin.

Still, if you are not convinced with your site security, then you will be getting this live stats. Don’t let that happen be an intrepid blogger and use the free version if you want to have a glance at the plugin and save your site.

So this is it, this is all about the wp security Ninja review. Now go ahead, don’t compromise with your site security and get the WP security Ninja plugin.

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