Writer’s Block: 30 ways to overcome writers block forever

Writer's block
Writer's block

Writer’s Block Introduction:

Every blogger and author want to produce content regularly. Some may not provide content on the regular basis due to lack of time and some can’t write because of writer’s block.

Have you heard the word writer’s block before??

Of course, you might have heard this word quite often in blogging and marketing field as many authors and marketers have this feeling.

Did you feel writer’s block before? Or have you experienced any sort of writing break down before?

People often feel writer’s block and in my circle, I have seen lots of people who start the article with innovative ideas. And then just after writing a few words about it, they just can’t get another part of the article.

They can’t think creatively, and they stuck in between the article or in between the eBook. Many of them just got frustrated with these type of situation. Sometimes they even feel like  “There brain is empty with no skills and creativity”.

I think many of us have this feeling, but they may feel entirely different than the quote which I have mentioned. So let’s make a deal where I can let you remove this writer’s block feeling forever with simple and actionable techniques.

Here’s deal: 

Read this article through and you’ll learn how to crush your writer’s block feeling with some compelling and actionable ideas to eradicate it. It works for many, but if you are a hyper-natural man with advanced writers block problems, then I may help you but not 100%.

So let’s start with definition:

What is Writer’s Block:

Writer’s block is the condition where you can’t write or can’t get any idea of writing your article or eBook or some sort of writing. It’s a process which causes the breakdowns and slowdown’s while you are writing. This situation is called as “writer’s block.”

Now, you are thinking to bounce back into your writing and complete the article or your eBook, etc. But don’t know how to do that, so as promised here I am with 30 refreshingly actionable technique which works and helps to overcome writer’s block.

30 ways to overcome your writer’s block feeling forever:

1. Get away from fear and comments to avoid writer’s block:

Many writers often fear that “Whether there writing will be succeeded or not”, and some also fear about “what their friends and audience” will say about their writings and “can there writing style will be appreciated” and so on.

There are the fears which always stop the writer’s and stops his creative flow. Because with fear you can’t write freely. Writing must be in a flow, and when you have the fear of writing then obviously there will be a writer’s block. And you may easily get frustration and anger on your work.

Ex: When I started writing my first review ever for one of my clients, I just thought to give my best because it’s a business for me. Then I started producing the “content review” and provided to my client.

Later my client submitted it to the company and waited for the response, and she got a reply that it’s rejected. Because they wanted to write the review in another way, not like other reviews.

And my client gave me the review and trusted me again, for that, I am really pleased with her and thankful to her. Then I got a comment which has brought me fear,  “Girl’s can’t write about technologies why to waste time on them.” This comment has been raised by one of the friends of my client which made me frustrated and later while I restarted to write the article I can’t even write a single word because of the fear. I tried again and again but the same result.

Then I just felt why to feel the fear of writing, because it’s my own style of writing and why to take care of others comments (some comments are really great suggestion for you). Then I gave myself some time and started the article, and I wrote it again in 3 manners.  And left for the client to pick best one and it got accepted.

So the main rule to get back to your writing is

writer's block
Get away from fear of writing and others comments


2. Don’t ever try to catch perfectionism at start:

Most of the people writer’s block is caused by this particular point “perfectionism”. I have seen some of my friends where they try to write stories and articles, but the “perfect” word has taken their ideas apart.

It is just because when you start writing your own idea if you think you must write perfectly. Then you will start checking it frequently after writing a few words and again check those few sentences for perfection and then move to other sentences.

This process actually won’t work and with this process, your flowing ideas will also fly away with your “perfection” as well. So just write the article till your flow is flowing and then see for perfection.

3. Write as a free bird:

Writers block
Write like a free bird with freedom

Have ever seen a bird flying, Birds always fly with their freedom. In a similar way just write freely without any stress just assume yourself as a free bird with full freedom to write anything.

If you do that, then you can easily maintain your flow. Because if you are free, your mind will work creatively and you can create an awesome content by your own ideas which are hiding in your brain.

4. Take a short trip with your missed person:

Writer’s block can also be caused due to feelings as well. Sometimes we may miss our family or friends, and you might think about them while you are writing and can’t move a bit.

Or thinking about your dear one who haven’t meet in a long while. In such situations just take a break and meet your family or other persons you missed to be free from that feeling.

5. Stop writing for others:

writers block stop writing for others
writers block stop writing for others

This is the another nail-biting reason of writer’s block for few people who are more sensitive. Because they always wanted to write for their readers and they start writing by keeping their readers in mind.

Now if you do that, you are breaking your own thoughts and ideas on your article. As a result, the article you write will be an artificial one but not an original and creative article. So, just write for yourself and then, at last, modify according to your wish. But don’t kill your productivity.

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6. Write at different time:

People always plan a schedule and work accordingly and do their work perfectly. What if you are tired with the timetable and can’t write at their desired time.

Then just change your time and try to write at different times, when you really feel you got an idea. It may be the best ideas for few of them.

Ex: I planned myself to work every day, with my projects and blog after my office hours. But sometimes I can’t write anything even in my scheduled time. Then In that kind of situations, I just quit writing and start writing at other time where I feel I can easily write. You can do it as well. Give it a trail and see your result.

7. Stop worrying about grammar:

While you are writing any article or story, stop worrying about the grammar and punctuations. Because you may disturb your writing flow, and lose your ideas quickly. Because it’s one of the distractions, you’re giving to your brain.

So, just don’t do that you can check your grammar mistakes and other errors after writing your article. First, complete what your have in your brain.

8. Enjoy your writing at any cost:

Writing is not a copy of your book or something else, writing is a creative job. So you must enjoy your writing at any cost. Because if you really enjoy your writing, then even a significant length article will be written in a normal time without any sort of stress levels.

If you don’t enjoy your writing means you will be in a situation where you will see others books or activities and just try to rehash them by losing your creativity. And you will spend hours and hours for that it’s not correct. So, Never do that.

9. Leave your social activities behind:

writers block leave social activities behind
writer’s block leave social activities behind

While you start your writing, it’s better to stop all your social media activities behind. Because it’s the huge time waste and also the concentration will fly away like a bird in the sky. Give yourself a separate time for your social activities don’t just club both of the activities.

For suppose if you are writing a story and you are just filling up all the words easily with your ideas, and now a message arrives from Facebook – Hey. If you avoid that and start writing again then you may get another message — Hey y no reply. Or else google plus or Linked In or Twitter tweet.

Or finally you may get a notification that your friend tagged you in a picture, and then you may lose concentration, and you will either start posting a comment for your tagged photo, or you will reply to your messages. If not you will come back to writing but you can’t write in a flow as previously. Your tagged post will drive you to mind intention towards it. So it’s best to leave your social activities behind.

10. Try to stop planning your posts if you got stuck:

We’ll always do planning for posts, what to write and what not to write. It’s the best practice to do so.

In few cases, you might feel bored about this and the planning will feel like a school timetable. And many don’t like school schedules and timelines.

You only like it if you are a first ranker. Frankly speaking, I am bored with it. So in those cases write what came into your mind and stop worrying about the planning. And go with your wish. Then you can get your flow back and then you will be out from writer’s block.


11. Take Some Coffee or tea to refresh yourself:

writer's block take a tea break
to avoid writer’s block take a tea break

If you stressed in writing an article? Or you want to write the article but not getting the article as you think then just try this.

Take some coffee or tea break to relax and be active. This is not a new technique this an old technique where many of us use.

I still remember, my aunt giving the tea and asking my brother to study for next day exam. Because most of the elders do this, and they just think tea as a headache reliever and also by drinking tea or coffee they can concentrate on their work without drowsy and lazy feeling.

12. Call your dear ones:

While I get stressed, I follow this rule. Because when you face any problem, you probably like sharing with your loved ones. And also sometimes to take suggestions and to greet them we call them.

Now, whenever I get stuck I just call my parents and just spend some time to make myself active. For me, it’s still my parents because I am staying far away from them. For few, it may be there friends or soul mates, etc. I’ll leave that to you.

While we are talking about or with our dear ones, we’ll feel much better, and we can spend time on writing easily once after talking with them.

13. Read some inspiring quotes:

While you stuck in writing an article, and not getting even a single word to write. Then just go and browse some inspirational quotes. Because by reading some quotes many people will feel inspired. And if you want you can see the writer’s block quotes as well. And I have seen a few who has done this tactic to get back from writer’s block situation.

For example, see these quote:

  • “I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.” — Jonathan Winters
  • “Anyone who says he wants to be a writer and isn’t writing, doesn’t.” –Ernest Hemingway
  • “You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.” –Saul Bellow
  • “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” –Anne Frank.


14. Read a book:

Writer's block issue
Read books

Top writers and professional writers always follow this rule. They often read other books and others novels and articles when they are free. And not only that if they got stuck in writer’s block, then they will just read some books.

By reading books, you can know about few words and also you can bring back your creativity by just reading each sentence of the book. Because while reading any book or article our brain will react in our own way and gives ideas.


15. Watch your favourite movie:

This is not a kind of the interesting point for all. But it works for few, including me. Whenever I stuck in writing or stuck in doing any task, I will just quit what I am doing and just try to relax myself by watching my favourite movies. Mostly, Inspirational movies work, to restore your writing.

16. Take a break and read your old posts:

Read your old posts
Read your old posts

While we stuck in writer’s block, and can’t even write a single word about your article. Then just quit the work and take a break and read your old posts.

Reading your old posts will give some boost because we will have some confidence seeing our old posts which are already published. And we can quickly come back to the normal state from writers’ block.

17. Start from where you want to start:

While you are writing about anything, just don’t start from beginning only, start the article from where you want and write what is coming from your heart.

Just drop those words in your article don’t ever wait for starting or particular sentences. If you got something in your brain which is not the start of the article but it’s the part of the article. Then just write it down, it will be the best way to avoid writer’s block as you’re writing something and later you can arrange them according to your wish.

18. Differentiate you first ever blog post and latest blog post:

Sometimes we are worried about our writings, and we will stop writing because of lack of confidence in us. At that time the main thing you have to do is just stop writing. And go to your first ever published article. It may be any article just read that article and compare it with your others articles.

You can see the difference and improvement in your posts. If you find them, then you will acquire your confidence from it. The best way to acquire confidence and get rid of writer’s block is just differentiating your own written old posts.

19. Make yourself a challenge:

As we know, some people always like to take challenges and do accordingly. Challenges always give anxiety and also sometimes fun. We people always keep a goal in our life and will try to achieve it in the same ways challenge play a crucial game in our mind.

As many people are curious to win in those challenges it may be your own challenge or challenge with others. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the brain activity when you are taking up a challenge.

But some people may can’t lead this step to overcome writer’s block because they were some people how are easily overstressed when they are taking some challenges. So this rule works for few.

20. Move your body to take a walk or do some running exercise:

writer's block Move your body
Move your body

Moving your body is always a perfect thing to do. When you are stuck with something. Just go for the walk or just go for a jog.

It will be better for your health, and as well your will get fresh ideas because doing an exercise or running or walking will keep your blood circulation in perfect flow and you will be fresh and also without any minor headaches.

21. Go far from distractions:

If you are having distractions in your home or office, just leave the work and those surroundings and try to go far away from those distractions.

Because distractions will quickly turn your mind into them, and make your work like a robot but not like a human.

22. Write Early in the morning:

Writing early in the morning gives you fresh ideas and improves your creativity. Many writers just stick to this rule to enhance their writing.

Because early in the morning there will be no distractions and the atmosphere around you will pleasant and as the body is taken some rest, so with that pleasant and peaceful surroundings you can quickly write well.

But if you are a night owl, how always stay awake at night and sleep at morning then you better change timings, or you can also try to write at early hours but due to lack of sleep, you will not be that effective.

But maybe you can either because you get used to those timings for your work.

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23. Give yourself permission to write worst:

The Best rule to eradicate writer’s block because most of the writers cause writer’s block because of their intention to write the only article that is attractive.

But, doing this every time won’t work the simple process of removing writer’s block is start writing anything whether it’s nice or it’s bad or even worse. Just don’t stop writing and don’t give your words up. Follow this step to write your own words completely without any distractions.

It may be your topic or some other topic but just don’t kill your writing flow, by just not writing anything and still thinking about the article which is not even coming.

24. Leave other headaches while writing:

This is the most frequent problem for writer’s block because writers often wanted to write but they will think about others headaches. Practically, it won’t work because you think about all your headaches and problems how you can write heartfully.

Just focus on what you’re writing and try to leave all you headaches aside. Then see your results and your writings. You can feel your writing as professional writers.

25. Make yourself comfortable in sitting:

Sitting position also matters when you are doing any task on the computer or studying or writing etc.

If you want to write an article and if you’re sitting position is not nice then you will worry about your sitting position and you will be busy in adjusting your placements by leaving your writing and in some cases you will get back pains and so on.

If you sitting position is not comfortable then it’s not good for your health and also it’s not good for your writing as it is one kind of distraction.

26. Make use of old school writing:

writers block old school writing
writers block old school writing

If you are stuck with writing on the computer, then try the old school writing methods to write. It will be the effective way to bring back your words.

Just take a pen and book and start writing anything that’s funny or inspiration or story etc. Then you can just get back your writing flow and avoid the writer’s block.

27. Change your tools and try new tools:

Nowadays due to massive improvements in technology, we can get so many tools to write, but people always have their opinions and wishes on tools. Sometimes we feel comfortable with Microsoft words and sometimes google docs or sometimes other.

Whenever you just stuck in writing just try to switch tools and try new tools until you are really comfortable with the content writing tools. It may be a reasonable point, but sometimes it may help you.

28. Brainstorm your ideas in the form of bullet points:

If you have already written a few content but you are not able to write another part even when you have ideas in your mind. Then just follow this simple trick.

Brainstorm all your ideas and write them in the form of bullet points somewhere near the article. Now just take some time and just read your story or article from the start.

And when you look at bulleted points, you can easily get few words in your brain, and you can get back your flow of writing again normally.

This is just stylizing your content; you can use any styles to have a look at your written article and impress from it.

29. Make use of writing prompts to get started again:

Finally, if you can’t even write about anything then take advantage of the writing prompts, and you can simply write your article.

Just see as many writing prompts you want and get some inspiration from those style of writings. And just write your article by following the writing prompt.

Many people do this. If you want to find the best writing prompts then just head over to Twitter to see the real power of writing prompts. There you can see hundreds of writing prompts.

30. Know about the Power of words and then start writing:

Finally, just know about the real power of words and what words really can do.

Words matter more than you really think. You can either impress others with your words and at the same time, you can make others angry with your words. Words must be used in a perfect way to explore yourself.

“As a writer, you must know about the power of words if not why you’ll be a writer.”

See this video:


This is the power of words, just inspire yourself and start writing what you really got in your heart.


I hope I have kept my promise in resolving your writer’s block. If you find this writer’s block article helpful, Then do share it with your friends because sharing is caring, have a beautiful day visitors. I am hoping to have a chat in comments.


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  1. Hai Aswini Sis,
    It’s a common issue for bloggers and many may even end up their career due to this.Your 30 tips will really works well.I tried few of them and i am fine now in writing articles.Any way good piece of content 🙂

    • Hi Krishna bro, It’s really good to hear that you have tried few points and that are working really well for you. Thank you for dropping your feedback here. ????

  2. this is really an amazing article. Rejection paves the way for betterment. It will always improve our skills. Your writing is really good. I always admire it. I will tweet it right now with the following.



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