Youtube shortcut keys: 15 Youtube Shortcuts you should know [2017]

youtube shortcut keys
youtube shortcut keys

YouTube Shortcut keys:

YouTube is the largest video portal in this world of internet. And I’m sure that you don’t need any sort of introductions about YouTube. Now, Do you know Youtube shortcut keys? Or can you operate youtube with your keyboard quickly?

Mostly, people don’t know how to operate youtube with the keyboard. So, let us give a clear view about it.

While you are using YouTube have you ever felt uncomfortable and disturbed with youtube??

Or have you faced any problem with your mouse and don’t know how to access YouTube with your keyboard?


If you are a tech lover who always wanted to learn and explore new YouTube shortcut keys?

Then you are at right place,

Some may feel, disturbed because most of the people love shortcut keys, and they wanted to access YouTube with the keyboard rather than continuously using the mouse or the touchpad. So they often search for youtube keyboard shortcuts or youtube shortcut keys.

If you are the one “who is searching for YouTube shortcut keys,” then you are the perfect place. Here I am going to share all the YouTube keyboard shortcut keys you should know to operate youtube efficiently.

Now let’s get into the youtube shortcut keys:

Basic and Advanced Youtube shortcut keys:

Here are the basic and advanced youtube shortcut keys you should know to operate youtube freely even when you have trouble with your mouse.


The Tab for control:

Whenever you want access to YouTube with the keyboard, hit the tab key to gain control of the video player. The Tab key lets you cycle through the various controls on the video player one by one.

You can recycle through the play/pause, next video, and mute, volume option, setting full screen and the add to, share and embedded options. After all the controls it jumps to the other videos.

Play or Pause:

Youtube shortcut keys play/pause
Youtube play/pause

Hit the Spacebar or the K key to play or pause a video. Here spacebar works when you are in the video, but the “k” key works everywhere on that page no matter you are at the bottom or in the other section it plays the video.

Skip video forward or backward for 5 seconds:

If you want to skip video for 5 seconds forward, then you can easily use the left arrow key to move forward for 5 seconds and right to move backward for 5 seconds.

Skip video forward or backward for 10 seconds:

If you want to skip video for 10 seconds, then use this YouTube keyboard shortcut.

  • Hit L — to Move forward for 10 seconds.
  • Hit J — to move backward for 10 seconds.

Jump to particular time in the video:

Youtube shortcut keys
Youtube shortcut keys

If you simply want to jump the start and go for the middle video or for ending. Then use this YouTube shortcut keys. Use number keys to let you cut the video timeline into tenths. Hit 1 to jump the video play-head to 10 percent on the timeline and similarly you can hit 2 for 20 percent of the video and 9 for 90 percent.

Super slow motion:

Youtube keyboard shortcut keys slow motion
Youtube keyboard shortcut keys

You want to watch a slow motion video then just slow the video. Just paused the video and hit the period key which means “.” to move forward for one frame at a time. Hit comma “,” to move back the frame.

Restart video:

To restart a video simply hit “0” it’s a zero. It is used on a Windows keyboard, and you can also make use of that on the home screen.

Increase volume and decrease:

To increase or decrease volume of any video on youtube you can use this shortcut.

Here the shortcut is you can just use the “up”  and “down”  arrows to adjust the volume. If you want to mute the video, then you can use the “M” key to mute the video.

Full screen:

Want to view in full screen then simply hit “F” key to go to full screen and just press Esc to exit the full screen and come to the standard screen.

YouTube shortcuts keys for captioning:

youtube shortcut keys
youtube shortcut keys

If you want to enable subtitles for your video then just hit the “c” key to turn on closed captions. You can also increase and decrease fonts size of the subtitles by plus “+” and minus “-“keys. “B” will toggle the background shading on or off.

Go for beginning and ending of the video:

If you want to go for beginning and ending of the video you can use this YouTube shortcut keys.  To go to the start of the video press home and to go to ending of the video press end.

Increase speed:

youtube keyboard shortcut keysDo you want to increase the speed of the video then you can increase the video speed by simply “Shift + >” and to decrease hit “shift+ <” but note that this feature may not work in all the browsers?

Next video:

If you are in a playlist, and you want to watch next video, then you can just press “Shift + N” to next video in the “up next or playlist.

Previous video:

For previous video use “Shift + P.” It will take you to the previous video which is played or last video in the playlist.

Move to Next video in Playlist:

If you want to browse next video in the playlist, then you can just use ” Ctrl + →.”  This command will only work when your in playlist.



This is all about the YouTube keyboard shortcuts and YouTube shortcut keys. I hope you all liked this post. If you have any sort of new keyboard shortcut suggestion or if you have any queries then feel free to comment us. I’d love to hear feedback from you guys.

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